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Modern ways of storytelling

Storytelling is the art of telling stories to an audience to convey important messages. The first appearance of this technique dates back to the beginning of humanity and historically is the first attempt to tell a story orally. According to Joseph Campell, the first form of narration is the myths, stories told by our ancestors […]

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How Moms Can Treat Themselves

Life as a mom can be chaotic and stressful, and although you might constantly be thinking of ways to surprise your kids, you might not often have the time to think about treating yourself. However, busy moms deserve a treat too, and this article covers some of the best ways that you can treat yourself […]

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Best Ways to Explore Croatia

Croatia is an amusement park of natural, historical, and structural wonder presenting a country dominated by galleries, restaurants, museums, shopping centers, and too many islands to count. There is no end to things to do or see in this serene coastal country. However, we’ve done our best to narrow down eight of the best in […]

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Awesome Outdoor and Indoor Activities to Try During Winter (and the Christmas Holidays)

Winter is about to make its long-awaited return. This means it’s time for those long nights snuggled under the blankets, holiday dinners with friends and family, and the inevitable looping of Mariah Carey’s ‘All I Want for Christmas Is You’ when Christmas arrives. Also, let’s not forget that winter is also the perfect season for […]

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