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10 Ways to Add Personality to Your Home

Your home should make you feel happy, comforted, and relaxed, but this doesn’t happen automatically. It takes work to make a house a home. Living in a bare property can feel uninviting and impersonal, so it’s important to add your personal touches. Your home should be filled with your favourite things, reflect your interests, and inspire you.

If you’re unsure where to start, here are ten ways you can inject personality into your home:

1. Exhibit artwork

Art is a great way to express your personality. You could evoke your interests through prints of your favourite quotes or show your taste through exquisite paintings. Artwork such as feminist art can even convey your political views.

Finding the right art for your home can be challenging, but Bleur Art makes it much easier. The unique gallery offers a range of art, including mixed-media creations, spray paint art, minimalist oil paintings, and figurative abstract pieces, making it a great place to source art that reflects your personality.

To fill a big space and make it distinctive, create a gallery wall filled with several of your favourite pieces.

2. Experiment with colour

While decorating your home in a neutral palette is versatile, muted tones are often unstimulating. An easy way to add excitement to a bland room is with a pop of bright colour. If your style is very minimal, incorporate colourful accessories or furniture instead of painting the walls.

However, if you love bright colours, redecorate with an entirely new colour scheme. You could paint just one wall of the room an energising shade such as purple, clash colours such as pink and green in a room, or paint every room of your house a different colour if it brings you joy.  

Black retro typewriter on a unique wooden desk, a mid-century modern chair and a renovated bookcase in a hipster home office interior. Real photo.

3. Incorporate bold wallpaper

Another way to introduce colour into your home is with patterned wallpaper. Floral patterns, stripes, geometric prints and more, can add plenty of interest to a room and now, thanks to peel and stick wallpaper, it is easier than ever. 

You can experiment with how much wallpaper you want to include, whether it’s on just one small area for an understated look, or across most of the room to make a statement.

4. Decorate your room with Aquarium

How about watching fishes of different colours swimming in an aquarium the whole day? A red sea aquarium with a goldfish will let you create an ambiance that will keep you many steps ahead of your peers in terms of home décor. You can’t let the fish and the red sea aquarium have a dark space to fit in. As the light works for humans, these living beings crave light and oxygen similarly. Having rocks, pebbles and other marine life inside your aquarium will help you create an ultra-modern look inside your home. Don’t worry about feeding the fish when you are out since holiday meals are available that can keep them fed for weeks. A red sea aquarium is a sign of prosperity and keeping it inside your home attracts prosperity.

5. Showcase your memorabilia

Souvenirs are perfect for making a home characteristic. As well as photographs of happy times with your loved ones, consider displaying any keepsakes from trips or events. This may include framing flight tickets from an amazing holiday, wedding invitations from your big day, or certificates you have achieved.

Having visuals of your life story on show can bring you comfort, pride, and help the property feel more like home.

6. Fill your home with plants and flowers

Bringing nature inside adds vibrance, makes a room feel more welcoming and can boost your mood. It’s believed that plants and flowers can be subconsciously soothing and help you feel more positive.A stunning bunch of flowers can also add a pop of colour and complement the room’s interior design. Choose your favourite type of flower for an extra personal touch.

7. Dress the bed

In your home, the bed is where you want to feel most comfortable. Instead of making the bed with the same plain sheets all year round, style it with patterned and colourful duvet covers to tie in with the surrounding decor. Then layer a fluffy throw on top and extra cushions for ultra-relaxation.

8. Get creative with accessories  

The most fun part of decorating a home is adding the final touches as this is when your personality can really shine. Scatter your home with displays of whatever makes you happy, which may include your favourite books, most-loved records, or best handbags.

You could also place trinkets, beautiful vases, ornaments, or stylish lamps on shelves.  

9. Shop independent

Just like you don’t want to turn up to a party wearing the same outfit as someone else, you don’t want to visit someone’s house and realise you have the exact same décor. To avoid this, try purchasing pieces from independent shops with lots of character. The designs are usually more imaginative and don’t necessarily follow trends. You can sometimes get custom orders made to match your taste.

10. Select statement lighting

If you have an old-fashioned lampshade collecting dust, swap it for a more stylish option. Chandeliers and pendant lighting offer a chic and elegant aesthetic to a room, while fairy lights can make a room feel cosy and calming.

Neon signs bring fun into a home as they often display playful phrases such as ‘But first, coffee’ or a joyful motif including rainbows and love hearts.  

Whether you live in a rented apartment or you own a house, get creative and bring elements of your personality into your home. Don’t worry about ensuring it appeals to others or following trends; just make it your own.