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Home Remedies For Cough

Coughing is the body’s natural method of clearing the airway and the throat. Unfortunately, prolonged vigorous coughing can have a number of negative impacts on the body including dizziness, headaches, difficulty sleeping, vomiting, and urinary incontinence, among others. A cough is not an illness in itself; it is usually a symptom of diseases such as […]

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A Family Dentist

There is nothing wrong with questioning something that you don’t understand. You may ask yourself why you need a dental checkup at least twice a year. You can ask yourself a further question, why even have a family dentist? Your question remains valid, and until you appreciate the value an Emerson family dentist brings, you […]

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Restorative Teeth

Traditional dental surgery consisted of surgeries relating to a defect on your gums, teeth or jaw bone. Corrective surgery to enhance your appearance was rarely performed except for the wealthiest in society. Nowadays, you can go to the dentist to perform plastic surgery and to correct various defects such as misaligned teeth, treat tooth discoloration […]

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