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3 Bags That Capture the Look of Master Leatherwork from the Current Collection by Loewe

Leather is a textile that can really give you that feeling of craftsmanship in your clothing and accessories, as well as being durable, practical, and having that great leather smell! If you love the look and feel of expertly made leather goods, then a fashion brand you’ll really want to explore is Loewe.

A German owned brand that was originally founded as a collection of Spanish leather artisans from Madrid, Loewe was one of the very first luxury goods houses, established in its current form in 1878. It was in the 1960s, however, that it really developed its iconic sense of style, with modernist design forming a key part of its identity. There is still something of that mid-century design philosophy to the current output from Loewe, but they have definitely kept up with modern tastes, allowing for looks in leather that are not so much retro as a modern reimagining of classic styles.

Here are three beautiful pieces from the current selection of Loewe women’s bags to give you an idea of the kind of styles this brand has to offer:

Gate Bag

The Gate bag by Loewe is a structured calfskin bag with a unique belt style design on the front that adds a beautiful accent and some interesting lines. It is available in a choice of sizes and colors, with the main bag color usually contrasting with the belt style strap detail, for instance in the off white bag with tan accents. The mini version of this bag is an especially chic choice, though the full sized or small versions can make great day bags, depending how much you tend to need to carry. 

You can find all of these Loewe bags for women at SSENSE, which is an excellent place to browse online if you are looking for the best in luxury fashion. SSENSE carries all of the current collection by Loewe, and there is also an SSENSE exclusive design from this brand in the form of a colorful shopping tote.

Flamenco Clutch

The Flamenco clutch bag is made of soft Nappa calfskin, and has the kind of soft, unstructured design that really shows off the luxurious texture of this kind of leather. It is a deceptively simple design with a gathered top that looks great with almost anything.

Puzzle Bag

This bag design shows off the simple yet expertly designed aesthetic that Loewe can offer, with the paneled calfskin design on the front creating an eye-catching and interesting design that is still subtle enough to pair well with day, evening or work attire. As with the other bags, it is available in a choice of sizes and colors, with the tan version being a great choice of neutral.

These are just three of the bag lines available right now from Loewe, however there are many more.  Do make sure to check their whole collection out if you want to see even more stunning designs in leather!