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3 Luxury Bag Trends for the Unstoppable Modern Mom

Today, moms do things a little differently than the moms of 50 years ago, or even just 15 years ago. They certainly spend more time working, which goes hand-in-hand with an increased workload. Not to mention all the other little things modern mamas are expected to do, like exercise, prepare meals and snacks, and take care of some housework. Even when significant others take on some of the load, there’s still plenty to do. 

If you’re a working mom, you know how it is, so you understand how much it means to have support. For some, it’s a planner or a cell phone. Yet, all modern women could benefit from securing a thoughtfully designed luxury bag.

Fusing Style and Function

If you’re a modern woman with young kids, you may remember what it felt like to walk down the street with a chic bag in your hand. Its critical contents could be listed using the fingers on one hand.

While now it may feel like you could use about six more hands, you can still feel stylish when you’re running across town. Of course, now you’re also keeping up with kids’ schedules, trying to make it to work on time, getting home with said kids, and putting dinner on the table before 7:00 p.m. Fortunately, the best modern designers are crafting bags that fit and support your nonstop lifestyle, fusing style and functionality to meet your needs. Seek out long-lasting materials like high-quality, ethically and sustainably made Italian leather and nylon for style and performance. Some of the best luxury bag brands also feature a sleek, signature interior to match their bags’ gorgeous exterior.

Keeping Everything Organized and Compartmentalized

Contrary to what you may have believed when you were younger, your purse is not a black hole. Now that you’re a mom with a career, you not only want an attractive interior lining that aids visibility, but everything that goes into your purse also needs its own place.

Roomy, Organized Interior

A roomy interior is a welcome asset in a quality traveler bag or backpack tote for fashion-forward moms. However, not just any roomy bag will do. Look for a bag that incorporates pockets and pouches in its lining. Well-made bags don’t make you guess where everything goes; it’s very clear what goes where inside.

Functional Exterior Pockets

A large, organized interior is a must-have, and to maximize space, you want pockets on the outside, too—functional pockets. Exterior pockets that don’t serve a purpose feel like an extraneous feature that’s just for looks. You don’t have time to fuss over that.

Looking Elegant and Feeling Comfortable with Convertible Straps

If you live in the city or the suburbs, commuting is no joke. Neither is walking your kids to a bus stop, for that matter. A luxury bag for modern moms needs durable, reinforced straps that look stylish—bonus points if they’re comfortable and padded as well.

Traveler Bag

A traveler bag is a style that’s often worn as a crossbody or carried by its handles. It works well for women with a full agenda, like moms, as it can transition seamlessly with you throughout the day. Wear a traveler bag as a crossbody as you run around town and carry it by its sophisticated handles around the office or to lunch meetings.

Backpack Tote

A backpack tote is a style that moms with babies would scale mountains to own—and they would do it in heels. That scenario might not be too far off if a designer brand fashioned a backpack tote that doubles as a diaper bag. You can carry these bags with a crossbody strap, padded backpack straps, a sturdy leather handle, or even via clips attached to a stroller. It’s a convenient style for women who need to keep their hands free. Just imagine the practicality of backpack totes when you have to climb up a flight of stairs with a baby.

Making the Most of Multifaceted Accessories

Backpack totes and traveler bags are accessories, but you can find luxury bags that come with additional accoutrements. These multifaceted accessories are ones you’ll want to use even when you’re not in on “mom duty.” In the right hands—the hands of a luxury brand’s designer—these bag accessories are meant to make your life easier. 

Removable Laptop Case

A sewn-in compartment for your laptop is a welcome addition to modern bags for women. Yet, a removable laptop case might be more than it seems. If you’re about to welcome a baby or already have a little one at home, specifically look for a tote backpack that doubles as a diaper bag. The JULES backpack tote from JEMMA features stroller clips as well as a removable laptop case that doubles as a machine-washable baby changing mat. This attachment is perfect for moms who plan on juggling mom life with work life. It’s a practical bag to have even when the baby isn’t around.

Matching Insulated Lunch Bag

You never know how valuable an insulated lunch bag can be until you’re carrying your little ones’ meals with you, whether it’s in a bottle or a container. This multifaceted accessory can come inside a beautifully crafted Italian nylon backpack tote, which you may want to use every day anyway. As your kids get older, you may have less need to carry their snacks and meals around, but you still have to feed yourself. These luxury accessories are designed for you to use every day, with or without kids.

The mamas of today deserve modern luxury bag and backpack tote options that fit their lifestyles and also look gorgeous. If you’re a mom, you get it. You need your bag to be stylish, durable, and functional. Most importantly, it needs to carry everything from point A to point B—and anywhere your kids stop you along the way. The good news is that you can find a bag that looks beautiful and does all of the above. It might feel a little bigger, and you might have to keep it a little fuller, but you also have a fuller life. You can continue to keep up with the trends using a timeless, everyday luxury bag that will never go out of style.


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