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3 Reasons Why Recycled Women’s T-shirts Are Better

Women’s t-shirts are typically made from polyester and non-organic cotton. Unfortunately, the process involved in making these fabrics is extremely harmful to our environment. Luckily, there are eco-friendly options like recycled polyester.

Here we’ll discuss three reasons why recycled women’s t-shirts are better than products made from standard polyester and cotton.

1.       Recycled Fabrics Are Better for the Environment

How is the fibre used to make recycled clothing easier on the environment? Let’s take a look at the difference between polyester and recycled polyester.

Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET)

The most common form of man-made fibre is polyethene terephthalate (PET). Used to make everything from packaging to clothing, the molecular structure of PET makes it the most widely used fibre for clothes across the globe. It’s easy to clean, less prone to creasing, and often resistant to stretching and shrinking.

However, polyester is created from non-renewable resource petroleum, an unsustainable material. It takes a long time to break down like other plastics, and as a result, can end up sitting in a landfill site for years. In addition, creating polyester is a water and energy-demanding process, resulting in large amounts of hazardous waste. The emissions can irreversibly damage the water, soil, and air.

Recycled Polyester

Recycled polyester, also known as rPET, uses 59% less energy to make. It is produced by melting existing plastic and re-spinning it. For example, five to six water bottles would be enough to produce recycled women’s t-shirt.

This method minimises our need for petroleum as the raw material for making fabric. It also reduces the PET bottles that accumulate in landfills, end up in the oceans; and generally, makes use of materials that aren’t biodegradable.

Recycled polyester contributes to a reduction in the extraction of natural gases and crude oil to create more plastic.

2.       Recycled Polyester Clothing Is Great Value for Money

Recycled polyester is a tough fabric that feels soft on your skin and comfortable. Clothing created using this fibre will help to keep you warm on a cold day. Most t-shirts fit effortlessly, come in distinct styles and a variety of colours. Recycled women’s t-shirts make great additions to your casual-smart clothing collection.

It Offers Better and Lasting Quality

Recycled women’s t-shirts made from high-quality, recycled polyester fabric will cost slightly more than one made from standard polyester. As the demand for clothing made from recycled polyester decreases, and there’s a lack of widespread infrastructure and available facilities , producing it is more costly. However, t-shirts made from high-quality rPET offer the following benefits:

  • Easier maintenance. When washing mass-produced clothing, you need to be extremely careful. The wrong washing machine setting can cause the t-shirt to change colour or shape. After a few washes, its condition typically deteriorates.
  • It works out cheaper. You may initially pay slightly more for a recycled t-shirt in comparison to a mass-produced product. But the rPET version keeps its appearance for longer. Ultimately, you may end up spending a lot more to keep replacing your mass-produced t-shirts.

3.       Recycled Women’s T-shirts Contribute to Feeling Good

Recycled t-shirts are trendy and unlikely to go out of fashion anytime soon. Since t-shirts made from recycled polyester and other organic fabric are not mass-produced, they are more exclusive. Wearing exclusive clothing makes you stand out from the crowd. You’ll get to show off your personality and look good which leads to increased confidence and a positive boost to your mood.

When someone asks you: “where did you get your t-shirt from?” you’ll have the opportunity to tell them about the great eco-friendly brand you shop with. And maybe have them rethink their shopping habits. As awareness continues to increase and more people gradually move away from mass-produced clothing, the production of recycled polyester will increase, making the clothing cheaper.

Look Cool While Doing Your Bit for the Planet

T-shirts are one of the most common items of clothing, though processing the fabric to make them is harmful to the earth. Thankfully, more fashion brands work towards minimising their carbon footprint by using fibres like recycled polyester.

Recycled polyester is created mostly from discarded plastic bottles and containers or textile waste. It features the same properties as polyester including elasticity, consistency, and colour fastness, using an eco-friendly production process.

Though slightly more expensive than mass-produced t-shirts, recycled women’s t-shirts are high-quality, durable, soft on the skin, trendy, and exclusive pieces. Investing in eco-friendly clothing brand is perfect for looking and feeling good while contributing to protecting the environment.