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3 Reasons Your Home Is So Hot

It’s all too common a story. We find ourselves freezing through the cold months of the year, looking forward to the summertime, only to find ourselves miserable by the time July hits. If you live in a home that is considerably hot, it can make the warmer months that much more unbearable. 

Every year you may find yourself wondering why your home is so much hotter than your friends’ houses. What is it that makes certain homes cooler than others, and what can you do to improve the temperature of yours? 

The solution starts with knowing what you’re doing to make your home so hot in the first place. Take a look at some of the most common reasons why homes get so hot. 

Your Windows Are Open 

A lot of people are under the impression that keeping your windows open on a hot day will help keep the air circulating. 

However, the reality is that leaving your windows open on a hot day will allow sunshine to seep through and increase the overall temperature inside your home. Glass is one of the strongest conductors of heat, therefore, letting the sunshine through the glass is like turning your home into a giant oven, often leading to your air conditioner breaking down

Keep your windows closed as well as your shades, and you’ll find that your home will stay significantly cooler. When the sun goes down, and the temperatures drop outside, you can leave your windows open at night. Doing so will increase air circulation by the time the next day rolls around. 

You Have Heat Producing Appliances 

You may not realize it; however, a considerable amount of appliances in your home may be giving off heat. The more heat-producing appliances that you have on, the hotter that your home will be. 

Not only that, the more heat-producing appliances that are on, the harder that your air conditioner will have to work. If you found yourself wondering why your air conditioner isn’t doing its job, then it may be placed to keep producing things that are canceling out its efficiency. 

You Lack Insulation 

If your home is lacking insulation, then your home will start to heat up in no time. As heat is stored through the warm weather, the hotter your house will get day by day. By the time night rolls around, your home has absorbed so much heat from the outside, that it’s still unbearably hot despite the sun having set. Insulation is really important to save you lots of money on bills throughout the whole year and although, having great insulation is a top factor for heat reduction, it would still be a good idea to make sure that you find an AC tune up near me to make sure that your AC is running efficiently when it comes to the summer months.

Insulation makes it possible to keep the heat out where it belongs and keep the cool inside where it belongs. Insulation is also incredibly useful in the winter when you want to the opposite of keeping the warmth inside your home and the cold outside.