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3 Rooms to place a cozy chaise for children

When you have a child that is rambunctious, avoids naps, or is generally not to be trusted, you have to get creative about how to keep them within sight but not necessarily feeling restricted. One of the best ways to do this is to create a play area for your toddler in rooms that are the backdrop for most of your chores. 

You don’t have to ruin the aesthetic of the room with a brightly colored playpen of plastic fencing to keep your toddler occupied and out of the way. Most people don’t consider getting a chaise at all until they see one as a part of a living room furniture set in which they are interested and dig further into the catalog. 

Even if you have toyed with the idea of getting a chaise, you may be part of the crowd that can’t see a clear purpose for one. But in reality, there are several instances in which you could use a stylish chaise that fits the rest of the room’s décor, and one of them is to use it as a play and nap area. You’ll be able to keep an eye on them, they will have a clear boundary without feeling penned, and if it is naptime you have a place for them to lay down. 

Putting a chaise in rooms where you do the majority of your chores is generally a good idea for these reasons. With the options for comfy chaises of any type, style, size, color, and upholstery, it should not be difficult to get one that meets your needs. Make sure that you choose upholstery that is both comfortable and stain and spill-resistant. Due to its resistance to heat and fire, a scotch guarded polyester or a polyester blend is the best option.

Here are a few of the rooms where you might find it beneficial to place a cozy chaise for your toddler. 

Master bedroom: It’s a safe bet that if you aren’t able or willing to do a chore or even just to relax in the living room, your master bedroom is where you go. If you have a toddler that sneaks after naptime to cause havoc while you are none the wiser, putting them down for a nap on a chaise in your room while you lounge with a book is a great way to keep an eye while taking the opportunity to do whatever you wish.

Laundry room: If you have space in the laundry room, a chaise will not only give your toddler a place to play and nap, it will also give you a spot for folding clothes and linens in comfort when not needed by the child.

Open dining room: A dining room kitchen combo is a great opportunity for enforcing naptime while you work in the kitchen. You can also use the dining room table for projects as you wish.

Patio or porch: You can also get an outdoor chaise that you can use to keep track of your kid while you enjoy the afternoon sun.