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3 Signs That You Need Your Air Conditioner Repaired

With summer in full swing in many areas of the world, locations where the temperature gets particularly hot likely have many residents cranking up their air conditioners in order to get their home to a safe and comfortable temperature. 

If this is something you’re needing to do at your house, it can really throw a wrench in your day when something goes awry with your a/c. To help you know if what’s going on is something that needs professional help in order to fix, here are three signs that you need to have your air conditioner repaired before it goes out completely. 

The Fan Won’t Start Or Blow Out Cool Air

According to the Family Handyman, there are quite a few air conditioning problems that most people can fix on their own. Or, at the very least, you can try to troubleshoot them before you call in a professional for help. However, if the problem with your a/c stems for your furnace, you’ll want to get a professional in rather than trying to tackle this issue on your own.

To know if you’ve got something wrong with the furnace, you should listen to see if the fan comes on when you set your air conditioner to a cooler setting. If you can’t get the fan to turn on after dropping the temperature on your air conditioner or after resetting the circuit breaker that feeds power to your heat and cooling system, then you likely have an issue with your furnace. And if this is the problem, you’ll likely be needing professional help in order to address everything. 

Your Electric Bill Is Higher Than Usual

Another sign that your air conditioner either isn’t working properly or is in desperate need of some maintenance is if your electric bill is much higher than it was the month before or at the same time of year the year before. 

According to, your heating and cooling system uses the most electricity of anything in your home. So when something is going wrong here, you’ll be able to see that reflected in the amount of money you’re paying in your electric bill. And if your bill has recently spiked, it could be a sign that your HVAC is working harder than it should be, which means something’s wrong and needs to be fixed. 

Abnormal Moisture Accumulation

 While it’s normal to have some moisture on or around your a/c unit, if there’s a lot of standing water or you’re seeing ice accumulating on your air conditioner, Home Advisor shares that you should call in a professional with help for fixing this issue. Usually, the solution will likely involve the electrical components, which isn’t something you’ll want to tinker with without knowledge and experience. 

If you notice any of the above issues with your air conditioner, consider calling in a professional for some much needed repairs.