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3 Simple Steps to Single Use Plastic Reduction

Plastic is everywhere and it is polluting the oceans and the planet at a faster rate than ever before. Wildlife simply cannot survive the mass of litter that is making its way into their homes and their bodies. As well as this, plastic simply doesn’t disappear. It breaks down but it never really goes anywhere. What can you do to help reduce your impact on the devastation of the plastic industry?

  1. Say no to plastic bags

The 5p charge may be enough to keep your hands away from reaching for the plastic bags in stores, but if not it is something you should leave behind completely. There isn’t much that we have control over when it comes to single use plastics.

Everything in supermarkets comes wrapped in a plastic packaging, often unnecessarily too.

Plastic bags are one of the things you can actually control in that environment, so make the right choice and use an alternative to plastic bags.

  1. Shop fresh for food

Instead of shopping at the larger supermarkets, support local business and shop in smaller fresh food stores. These shops will often allow you to bring your own containers to take things home with and all their produce is usually sold plastic-free.

  1. Hand make your snacks

Snacks are one of those things that you really enjoy, but they come with a lot of unwanted disposable and unrecyclable plastic. To avoid all of the single use plastic from snacks why not make your own?

Snacks are super easy to make. You can buy the ingredients from local whole food stores and take them home in your own containers, or some stores sell ingredients in biodegradable, natural packaging! You can then go ahead and make absolutely anything that you like.

Reducing plastic needs to be a group effort, so if you can get started and make these simple changes you’ll be on your way to your contribution. It’s also important that you share the message and urge others to follow in your footsteps. This way we can all work together to make a difference.