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3 Tips For Getting Your Kids To Stay In Their Own Bed At Night

For many parents, nighttime sleep gets interrupted on an almost daily basis by kids who can’t stay in their own beds at night. Not only can this be annoying for you and your partner, but it’s also creating some very bad habits for your children as well. So while it might be easier to just let your kids share your bed with you when you’re all already so tired, it’s important that you try to curb this habit as soon as possible.

To help you with this, here are three tips for getting your kids to stay in their own bed at night. 

Make Their Room A Place They Want To Be

Because many children go through a stage where they’re afraid to be in their own rooms and find comfort with their parents, it can be helpful to make your child’s room a place where they want to be and can feel safe.

As part of this, Robin McClure, a contributor to Very Well Family, recommends that you let your child have a large say in how their room is decorated and laid out, especially when it comes to their bed. While you might want them to have a memory foam mattress topper for their own comfort, allow them to choose what sheets or blankets to use, in addition to a lovey or security toy to help them feel safe. 

Use Their Bedroom Door To Your Advantage

If your kids have a hard time staying in bed before you even have a chance to get in bed yourself, you might have some luck with sleep training them using their bedroom door.

According to the Cleveland Clinic, you may want to try closing your child’s bedroom door if they choose to get out of bed. If they can stay in bed, then you’ll allow them to keep their door open. This can be a great encouragement for having your kids stay in bed while they’re trying to get to sleep rather than being up and down for various reasons throughout the evening. 

Don’t Add More Drama Than Is Necessary

While it’s going to be most helpful to everyone if you return your child to bed once they get out, you don’t have to make it into a huge ordeal each time. In fact, doing so could backfire on you.

Rather, Teri Cettina, a contributor to, recommends that you simply walk your child back to their room, tuck them in, and leave. Don’t spend extra time in there trying to get them all situated or giving them a drink of water. The more seamless you can make this process, the easier it will become over time. 

If you’ve had problems with your kids staying in their own bed at night, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you address these issues.