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3 Tips For Preparing To Give Birth In A Hospital

Whether you’re about to be a first-time mom or you’re just going to be visiting a hospital for the first time to give birth, preparing for the big arrival of your baby can make the whole situation go much smoother. And since the actual arrival date is going to be a mystery in and of itself, it’s well worth your time to do some planning and preparation ahead of time so you can feel as ready as you’ll ever be.

Because many people have a fear of hospitals, it can be especially important to know what to expect on the day of your baby’s birth to help calm your nerves and keep things running smoothly. So to help you in doing this, here are three tips for preparing to give birth in a hospital. 

Take A Tour Beforehand

If you know that you’re going to want to deliver your baby in your local hospital, you should try to get into the facility beforehand so you can take a tour. Almost all hospitals allow expectant mothers and their support system to come to the hospital in the weeks leading up to delivery so they can familiarize themselves with the campus and procedures of the facility.

According to, getting a hospital tour can help you feel a lot more comfortable when you’re there for your delivery, as you’ll have already seen what the rooms look like and will have your bearings of the Labor and Delivery Unit. In most instances, you’ll already know the doctor who will likely deliver your baby, so you don’t really have to worry about meeting a new practitioner and checking them out for things like medical malpractice suits

Pack Your Hospital Bag

In the few weeks leading up to your due date, it’s a good idea to start packing a hospital bag so you’re ready to go at a moment’s notice and don’t have to worry about getting things together as you’re trying to head out the door to the hospital.

To help you know what type of things you should pack in your hospital bag, Terri Isidro-Cloudas, Emily Turnier, and Virginia I. Pelly, contributors to, advise that you pack things like your medical and identification documents, an extra charger for your phone, cash for the vending machines, some personal care items for yourself, an outfit for you and Baby to come home in, and anything that will help you relax as you’re getting ready to meet your little one. 

Learn What The Process Will Be Like On The Big Day

Knowing what to expect when you get to the hospital on the day of your delivery can help you feel more prepared for all the hard work you’ll have to go through.

To show you what your experience might be like, Kelsey Wallace, a contributor to, shares that you’ll first have to check in as soon as you reach the hospital. Then you’ll be sent to a triage room before you’re admitted and given a room to labor in. In some instances, you’ll be moved to a delivery room once your baby’s about to arrive. After Baby’s born, you’ll all go to a recovery room where you’ll stay until you’re discharged. 

If you’ll soon be having your first baby in the hospital, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you prepare for this event.