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3 Tips For Replanning Your Postponed Wedding

The year 2020 hasn’t turned out how anyone expected it.  With social distancing becoming the new norm, and groups of over ten people getting banned in every major city in America, a lot of people are feeling their lives get put on hold.

May and June are the top wedding months every \year, and unfortunately, this year, those weddings are having to get pushed aside.  Instead of considering just eloping to get it over with, think about the other choice out there that will give you a light at the end of this tunnel.

Keep Up With Guests

In 2019, the average wedding had 124 guests.  That’s a lot of people who may be scattered.  Try and touch base with your guests.  Ask how your guests and their families are doing. Check in on where they are and where they may be after this health scare passes over, and let them know that they’re loved.

A wedding is a fantastic example of how beautiful people can be when they get together.  Once the virus passes, and everyone can resume life as it was, people are going to need that kind of social gathering to celebrate making it through together.

Reserve a Venue Now

It may sound counter-intuitive since there’s no telling when this will be over, but now is the time to reserve a venue.  Aim for August, at the earliest, and make sure that the site has a good cancellation policy.  Once social distancing has done its job, and people are allowed to get together again, it’s going to be impossible to book a venue.  Prebook, and make yourself a safety net just in case.

If you’d rather avoid that struggle for who can get married, consider canceling all venues and having a backyard wedding.  We could all use some more fresh air, and this way, you can set a date and not worry about having to cancel or delay it again and lose your venue.  This step will also save you money in the long run, which means you can get that couture wedding dress you’ve had your eye on that’ll outshine any venue you initially fell for.  People will be there to see you, after all, so put on a show.

Keep Being Flexible

Unfortunately, there’s no telling how long our social environment will look like this.  People are trying their best to work together separately, but that doesn’t mean this will pass by quickly.

A wedding is a fantastic hug deal, and you deserve for it to be the day that you want it to be.  Give yourself and your guests some wiggle room so that if you have to, you can wait until your wedding can be perfect.

If you need your wedding to be in June, wait until 2021, or if you’re dying to get married as quickly as possible, consider getting legally married now and saving the ceremony for after the air clears.  Let yourself have lofty dreams, but understand that those dreams come with some tough decisions.