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3 Tips For Supporting And Befriending A Military Family

In this life, some people are given harder roads to walk. While some are thrust upon us, like genetic disorders or just plain bad luck, others are more of a choice. 

For families with one of more members in the military, life can be scary and stressful and overwhelming. But with loving friends and family who care for and support them, their burdens can be lifted, even if it’s just for a few hours or days.

To show you how you can be this type of guardian angel to someone, here are three tips for supporting and befriending a military family. 

Don’t Let Your Opinions Get In The Way

Regardless of how you feel about politics or the presence or role of the military, the people who are out there serving and protecting your country deserve to be treated with respect. Because of this, Carole Gnatuk, a contributor to, advises that you always be sensitive when talking about your own views on war or the military with someone from a military family.

While we all know that things aren’t perfect, especially with situations like veteran’s benefits and political differences, we can still show love and support for the individuals and families that are sacrificing so much to be of service to those whom they don’t even know. 

Show Your Support For The Family Back Home

When a member of a family is deployed or otherwise away from home as part of their service to their country, the family that they leave back home may have a difficult time managing things on their own. In situations like this, you can easily find ways to show your support by assisting the family of those serving in the military.

According to Amy Bushatz, a contributor to, one of the most helpful things you can do for someone serving your country is to lend a helping hand to their spouse or other family members back home. Depending on the family, this could mean any number of things, from babysitting their kids for a few hours to helping with yard work or even just being around to talk to on occasion. 

Keep Up With Your Efforts

In the transition period of someone being deployed, you might be prompted to give some support or friendship to the military family that’s being impacted. But while your life might go on as usual after a day or two, the life of the family back home will be changed until the day their loved one returns.

Because of this, Ellie Kay, a contributor to, suggests that you keep consistent efforts to reach out to the family and check in on them. To help you remember, consider setting a reminder on your phone or an event on your calendar so that you can remember to give love and support the entire time the family’s loved one is away. 

If you have friends or family members who have a loved one serving in the military, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you know how you can support and befriend this family.