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3 Tips for Your Upcoming Video Job Interview

When interviewing for that dream job, it’s important to present your skills and personality in a way that makes a great first impression. However, now that your on-point performance is going from real life to live online, it may feel like it’s more difficult than ever to make a connection with a prospective employer. But take heart! Although the process is virtually the same, here are some basics to nail a killer digital interview. 

Dress the Part 

Don’t be tempted to go too casual in an online interview. Since staying at home, we’ve all gotten used to dressing down, but now is not the time. Use this opportunity to showcase your professionalism, but in a way that also shows off your personality. By not meeting in person, you lose a lot of the body language that helps employers get a feel for who you are. Adding a lovely top from Poppy and Dot can communicate your creativity when paired with your seriousness about the position. 

Once you have the right look for the meeting, make sure you have some good natural lighting in the room by opening the shades or blinds. Place a lamp a few feet away in front of you, preferably with a soft glow. And finally, make sure the camera is at eye level. Put some books under the computer, if necessary. 

Be Prepared 

Reading up on the company is, of course, what you would do in a regular interview. Now you have the added benefit of being able to peek at your notes without them noticing. If you can organically work what you’ve researched into the conversation, do so. If nothing else, you’ll be prepared when they ask you why you want to work for the company. 

What’s different about interviewing online, and what you’ll also need to prepare for, is the technical aspect. If you’re not familiar with the program they’re using, such as Zoom or Google Meet, watch a tutorial online and practice with a friend. You don’t want to be figuring out the process in the middle of the interview. 

Have your questions about the company ready. Once again, you can write them down for a quick glance.  

Make Sure Everyone Else is Prepared Too 

Banish the cats and dogs. Tell your family to stay out of your office space, put up a sign to remind them, and lock the door. Know how to mute your side of the conversation so if the dogs escape and start barking hysterically, you can silence them quickly until the problem is solved. 

If you can, make sure your room is neat and tidy. If you can’t, make sure the camera doesn’t show the big pile of laundry on your bed. If you have them, bookcases make a nice backdrop. Like your outfit, your environment will also give your future employer clues to your personality.  

Show them the best possible you. 

Good luck! You’ve got this.