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3 Ways to Meet New Friends Online

If you are looking to meet new friends near you, just head online. Variety of apps and websites can help you connect with people who share your interests in your area.

Looking for Friends Online

Image via Unsplash by priscilladupreez

You are not alone if you find yourself thinking, “How do I meet new friends in my area?” constantly after a big move. Even if you have lived in your area for years, you might long to make a connection with someone who shares similar interests. And while you likely know about all those dating apps out there, even if you have never used them yourself, finding friends online might feel like more unfamiliar territory. In fact, you will find a wide variety of ways to meet new friends online. Here are three useful online tools to try.


As the name implies, Friender is built to help people meet friends. This friendship app matches you with people with whom you have at least one thing in common.

Users can only message others who have some shared interests, making the app a great tool if you want to ensure you will have something to chat about when you first meet your new friend. You can use Friender for free or upgrade to the premium option to access features like unlimited swipes and the ability to change locations.


If you are searching for a like-minded group of friends that share your interests, you will want to check out Meetup. You can search for specific types of groups in your area to connect with people you know you will have something in common with right from the start. Even if you cannot find a group that fits your vibe right away, the site can still offer what you need — just start your own group and create a get-together in your local community.

Whether you want to meet sports fans or join a book club, network for business or just find a group of friends to grab brunch with, you will likely find exactly what you need. The best part? It is free to join Meetup, though occasionally groups may ask for a small fee to offset setup costs. With Meetup available in upwards of 40,000 cities in the United States, this site offers a great way to meet new friends, wherever you find yourself.


Imagine if there were an app like Tinder, only for making new friends. Actually, there is! That app is called Patook, and it prides itself on being the Tinder of friendship. Instead of using this app for romantic relationships, though, you will use it to make new friends. The app is strict on a policy of friendship, not flirting, even setting up algorithms to stop unwanted romantic advances in their tracks. So, if you are looking for platonic friendships, Patook is the way to go.

The app uses a system to score potential friends based on shared values and interests. Since so many friendships are built on common interests, Patook translates to a great way to take the guesswork out of meeting new folks.

Various apps and websites make meeting new friends near you easy. Give these tools a try the next time you are looking to make a friendship connection.