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4 Best Breakfast Food to Pair with Ceylon Tea

Artistically, pairing tea with food can be an incredible culinary adventure. It gives you a broad range of tastes. Besides, it can add a lovely dimension to your food and drink being served, hence enhancing your whole dining experience.

Tea usually acts as an appetite cleanser, and sometimes, it works as a mild-to-course transition for an individual to shift from one food course to the next. Moreover, tea can be added to food as a flavor enhancer, just like wine. In short, this artistry can help you complete the cookery journey of any tea. Get your favorite tea online and dive in the world of pairing.

If you are looking for the perfect way to pair your breakfast food with Ceylon drink, then you’ve come to the right site. This article discusses the 4 best breakfast food you can pair with Ceylon and enjoy the whole experience.

What is Ceylon Tea?

First and foremost, it is imperative to understand this drink’s basics before looking at the best foods to pair with it. Ceylon, also called Sri Lanka tea, is a famous type of black tea. According to its name, this beverage typically originates from Sri Lanka.

In most cases, it is made similar to most herbal-infused drinks, that is, from dried leaves of the Camella Sinensis plant and packed in tea bags. It is crafted by hand, hence its brisk and bright nature. Famously served as iced or warm tea, this loose leaf tea is prevalent among many tea-lovers.

It boasts a bold flavor. Although this may vary with the type of tea and the region, it is grown. But its classic flavor is perfectly whole and brisk. More importantly, you will find it at an online tea and coffee shop with medium-to-full tannins and few specks of spice and citrus.

Best Breakfast Foods to pair with Ceylon tea

This drink is an excellent choice for family consumption, thanks to its plentiful benefits, including therapeutic benefits. It is also easy to make, and the malty and nutty delicious flavor in it makes this infusion a favorite choice for many households.

In most cases, it is paired with savory and rich dishes. Its taste tends to be not too empowering, meaning that you can consume it in different delightful ways. Whether you want to take it as a milk drink, lemon iced, or hot milk drink, this tea gives you all the options.

Here are some of the best foods that pair with this drink perfectly.

1. Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Do you like savory grilled cheese sandwiches? Well, you can make your sandwiches tastier by pairing them with Ceylon tea. Remarkably, this beverage complements all the flavors in this breakfast food. Besides that, the drink’s richness combines perfectly with the grilled creamy bread texture.

The best part is, there are no restrictions on experimenting with this infusion with different cheeses, seasonings, and bread. So, you can create multiple combinations of the ingredients above and still work well with your Ceylon tea.

2. Dark Chocolate Cake

Since a chocolate cake is sugary, many people find it awkward pairing the cake with a drink. Yet, it is an exhibition of culinary genius. Therefore, any variety of rich, dark chocolate cake will suit-up perfectly with this drink. Here, Ceylon cuts through the chocolate’s richness and enhances its flavor. However, do not add too much honey or sugar to this drink since the cake contains a lot of it already. It makes every piece of the chocolate feel blissful.

3. Lasagna

Pairing this beverage with lasagna is culinary heaven. The food is a mix of creamy cheese, pasta, and tomato sauce and, therefore, combines with the ceylon’s flavor. Basically, this drink works by breaking down the rich lasagna flavors to provide your palate with a remarkably fresh cleanse. As a result, the cleanse lets you get the perfect taste out of every bite of your lasagna. Whether you’re a lasagna meat-lover or typical vegetarian, you can pair it with an iced or milk Ceylon drink.

4. Barbecue Ribs

During hot summers, many beverage fans love to combine their barbecued ribs with an iced drink. With your Ceylon tea, you can complement your BBQ ribs’ flavor to perfection while maintaining your taste buds. More importantly, you can choose to use this beverage as a pallet cleanser to get the best out of your barbecue’s flavor.


There’s nothing so exciting and energizing than starting your day with a perfect pair of your favorite beverage and breakfast food. With your Ceylon in tea bags, getting the most out of your delicious foods is much easier and more fun.

If you wonder where to buy this incredible type of loose leaf tea, a suitable online tea and coffee shop can be the best place to start. You will find it well-packed in tea bags and ready to make your culinary experience adorable.