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4 Gift Ideas for Picky Family Members

Choosing the perfect gift, whether it’s for a birthday or Christmas can be tricky, especially if the person you’re gifting to is picky. You don’t want to go overboard, yet at the same time you don’t want to come off as cheap. At the same time, there’s nothing worse than putting your heart into a gift only to find that it’s thoroughly rejected. Yes, gift-giving can be a headache.

Fear not, here are some of the best gift ideas that are sure to please anyone— even the pickiest of family members.

A Bag

A bag makes a great choice because who doesn’t need a bag? Whether you choose a tote bag, a messenger bag, or even a backpack, bags are one of those functional things that everybody uses. Gifting a bag may not necessarily take someone’s breath away, but the more you can pinpoint the bag to their particular style or interest, the more likely they are to use it. 

Not to mention, gifting someone a bag means you’re doing your part to reduce waste. At the very least your gift will be used for groceries, and what could be better than doing your part to spare the earth of one more plastic bag?

A Subscription

Nowadays, there are subscriptions for just about anything. From streaming services to apps, to the gym, subscriptions are all the rage. Gifting your family member access to something they enjoy is a great way to help them save some money, and enjoy something that brings them happiness. 

There are subscriptions for just about any interest or hobby these days. If your family member is an avid fisherman, consider a monthly fishing tackle box. Whereas if your loved one is a makeup fan, consider a monthly makeup box. Get creative with a few different ideas. At the very least, you could give them a few options and ask them which subscription service they would enjoy the most.

A Gift Card

This one is for the pickiest of the picky gift receivers— a gift card! A multi-use gift card allows your loved one to customize what they cash in on based on their specific tastes and interests. For example, buying a gift card from a store like Target, or even Amazon means they have a wide array of options to choose from. Certainly, no one can be that picky to the point that they don’t even find anything on Amazon they like! If so, you’ve got your work cut out for you!

An Experience

Gifting an experience goes beyond gifting something tangible, and instead offers your family member the opportunity to make a special memory. Experience gifts are things like movie tickets, art classes, or even a trip. The idea is to offer your family member an enjoyable moment rather than a physical gift they can hold in their hands. 

Gifting an experience is unique in that it creates a sense of anticipation and enjoyment leading up to the big day