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4 Mobility Aids To Transform Your Home

Whether you have been living with some kind of disability for many years now, or alternatively have only recently experienced a change in circumstances which has resulted in you needing one or more mobility aids in your home, then you have come to the right place.

These days, making small, or even more substantial changes to your home to ensure you are as comfortable and as mobile as possible, is far more affordable and significantly easier than you may think. With that in mind, continue reading to discover four mobility aids that will transform your home.

1.    Non-Slip Mats And Pads

If staying steady and firm and placing your legs and feet onto the floor squarely is becoming a bit of an issue, then you should make a point of purchasing some non-slip mats and pads – available from both online stores and on the high street.

From smaller mats that are specifically for use in the shower and bath, to larger rectangular mats that can be placed on hard flooring in the kitchen and on laminate and wood flooring, non-slip mats and pads make a huge difference when walking around your home, whether you are wearing footwear or not. 

2.    Rise And Recline Chairs

A slightly more expensive (but incredibly worthwhile) investment in terms of the best mobility aid to transform your home – and one which will make it considerably more comfortable – is that of a rise and recline chair.

Available in a wide of variety styles and colours, treating yourself to a rise and recline chair will revolutionise the way that you relax in an evening, and such chairs are suitable for placement in your living room, bedroom and any other room you may like. What is more, prestigious and established mobility suppliers, such as, are able to customise your ideal chair according to your needs, preferences and specifications.

3.    Reachers And Pick-Up Sticks

When hand to eye coordination is a problem, one of the most effective solutions is to invest in a couple of reachers or pick-up sticks – both of which are easy to hold and even easier to operate.

For those with mobility problems, particularly concerning a certain restricted level of reach, the ability for such reachers to rotate a full 360 degrees means that there is no need to rotate your own wrist when picking up small items. Such reachers and pick-up sticks are incredibly affordable and you will be able to ‘grab’ one for under £10 from any reputable related store.

4.    Home Safety Alerts

For those who are still happy and confident living in their own home, yet either feel as if they would like an extra level of security just in case an accident occurs whereby they are not able to reach the phone to call for help, or else have been advised to invest in one by a carer or medical professional, another excellent investment is a home safety alert kit.

Such alarm kits can be installed anywhere in the home, but in rooms where you spend more of your time would be practical, and the best bit about such an investment is that they are as robust as they are compact, allowing you to call for immediate help in the unlikely event you may need it.