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4 Outdoor Events To Enjoy With Your Family

Have you ever caught yourself trying to decide some enjoyable activity that you can do with your family? You may have ticked through all of the standard checkboxes, and everything seems a little redundant. At that point, you may be looking for some new activities to participate in. And then beyond that idea, maybe you specifically want to do something outdoors.

That’s when a couple suggestions might immediately come to mind. You could go out with everyone on your bicycles. You can potentially sign up and run a race. You can get everybody outside working in a garden or on a landscaping project. Or, you can sign everybody up for some semi-organized sports to get some fresh air and do something that everyone can appreciate concerning physical fitness.


As long as everyone in your family has a bicycle, that leaves you open to going on a pleasant journey with everybody rolling on your two wheels. There are amazing places all over the world to go on cycling trips, as well as probably just being able to ride around the block where your home is. It is important to consider that bicycle safety is vital, so be sure everyone has a helmet and knows the rules of the road before you go out.

Running Races

Even though it occasionally costs a little bit of money, taking all of your family members out to run in a race can be a hugely entertaining activity for everyone. A lot of times the organized races will be for some sort of good cause or charity as well, which makes them an even better idea. It’s important to work up to the idea of running a race as well so you can use that training time as a bonding experience for your family too.

Working in the Garden

If you want to bond with your family outside while also improving your home’s value, consider looking up some DIY landscaping activities. You, your spouse, and your kids can all get together and put in a flower garden, or maybe plant vegetables, or even perhaps plant a tree somewhere near your house. Not only are these fun activities, but done correctly, they can improve the aesthetics and the value of your household.

Semi-Organized Sports

A final way that you can appreciate some outdoor time with your family is if you sign up for sporting events. If you want to keep things relaxed and casual, then doing semi-organized things will probably be your target. This might be something like a pickup baseball game, or maybe some people gathering together to play volleyball at a net at a local park. If it’s not super-organized, people are less competitive and more apt to enjoy themselves.