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4 Reasons Couples Should Book a Serviced Apartment

There’s nothing quite like taking a romantic getaway with your partner, and the UK offers a great range of city break options for those welcome trips. Unfortunately, plenty of people forget to consider the impact their accommodation will have on their break. Instead of booking a hotel without considering your options, here are just four reasons to arrange a serviced apartment for your romantic holiday.

  1. More Intimate Setting

You obviously want a holiday break with your partner to feel nice and intimate. Hotels aren’t ideal since they’ll usually be hundreds of people staying in the same building. You’ll hear them moving around at all hours, and you’ll never feel quite as alone as you might like. When you’re in a serviced apartment, you’ll enjoy that more intimate and secluded setting.

  1. Convenient for Date Nights

There’s nothing more romantic than being able to stroll out your door to enjoy the city’s main attractions, get a bite at a local restaurant, or visit a cool cocktail bar. Hotels make this difficult since they’re usually built on the outskirts. In contrast, most serviced apartments will be right in or near the city centre, making them ideal for date nights.

  1. Room to Stay In

During some holidays, you’ll want to be out of the room as much as you can to make the most of the city, so hotels make sense. When you’re taking a romantic getaway, you’ll probably want to spend plenty of time locked away with your partner. Since serviced apartments are much larger than hotel rooms, staying in feels nicer.

  1. A Romantic Building

Finally, keep in mind that most hotel rooms feel pretty generic, which won’t really give your trip any sense of romance. Serviced apartments are different since they’ll usually be converted from charming period buildings and decorated in a more unique and luxurious style.