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4 Reasons Your Child’s Grades May Be Slipping

As a parent, you want the very best for your children— especially when it comes to their education. When your child comes home with a less than satisfactory report card, it can leave you feeling like you’ve done something wrong. The truth is that slipping grades often have nothing to do with the child’s intelligence. 

There are plenty of smart kids that find themselves struggling to keep up with the pace of school. If this sounds like your child, then here are some of the reasons that it may be happening. 

Lack of Connection With Teacher 

In some situations, it may not so much be a problem with the subject matter but rather a problem with the teacher.  You may want to consider a tutor, or maybe even switching classes altogether. If your child isn’t connecting with the teacher, then it’s going to reflect in their grades. Ask your child how they feel about their teacher before assuming that their slipping grades are entirely their fault. 

Social Distractions  

If you’ve ever been in a classroom, then you know that it’s full of plenty of potential social distractions.  From bullies, to class clowns, to a chatty friend, there are all sorts of ways that children can be distracted from their studies. Some kids are more sensitive to distractions than others and may have difficulty trying to focus with so many other things going on. 


It’s a good idea to talk with your child’s teacher to determine whether this may be the cause. 

Lack of Self Assurance 

Sometimes children who lack self-confidence have issues with school performance. Because they think they’re not good enough, they put a considerable amount of pressure on themselves and, in turn, may get test anxiety.  In addition to anxiety about assignments and tests, they may also fail to participate in class or ask important questions. 

Lack of Support at Home 

Parents shouldn’t expect teachers to have to do all of the work that it takes for a child to learn. Children also need to be encouraged to do the work at home. If you notice that your child’s grades are slipping, you may want to ask yourself whether a lack of following up with their studies may be a factor. If they get the impression that you aren’t invested in their grades, then they may stop trying to make an effort. 

Check in on your child’s assignments from time to time, and ask if they’re struggling in any areas. Help them prepare for tests, and give them whatever tools they need to succeed. The more of a hands-on approach you can provide, the more that the grades will show for it.