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4 Things To Ask Yourself Before Filing For Divorce

During the process of separation, there are a lot of emotions running high.  There may be harbored resentment that’s built up over the years and emotional baggage which has created a distance between the two of you.

Although in many cases, the best solution is ultimately divorce, it’s ideal to make sure that you’ve considered all options before jumping ship.  If you truly loved your partner and meant your vows when you proclaimed them, then it’s worth considering your decision carefully before you end your marriage.

If you’re considering filing for divorce, then you should ask yourself the following questions first.

Is There a Potential To Fix Things In Therapy?

One of the biggest reasons that people get divorced is because they stop communicating.  Over time they start to develop patterns which create a space between them. Their coping mechanisms kick in, and they stop trying to talk it out.  Instead of being partners, they’re two ships in the night passing by each other now and then, occasionally muttering a few words.

Eventually, they assume that divorce is the only solution to their strained relationship.  However, there’s often a huge opportunity for rekindling their connection in therapy. A therapist will help each person in the relationship find a way to communicate to the other in a way that works for both. In many cases, they find their way again as a couple.

Can I Afford a Lawyer Right Now?

Paying for divorce is often exponentially more expensive than people think.  Each minute of your lawyer’s time is charged and will quickly start to add up.  If you add disputes over your shared property or custody battles, you’re looking at years and thousands of dollars spent.

It’s important to ask yourself if you think you can handle the price tag attached to a lengthy divorce before getting yourself into a financial nightmare.

Can I Handle The Stress?

Many people say that divorce is one of the most stressful events that a person can go through.  It’s emotionally trying, often scary, and a seemingly endless battle between two people who once loved each other.

If you have a lot of things going on in your life, you should ask yourself if you really think you can handle the stress involved with adding divorce on top of all of it.  Otherwise, you may want to hold off before you look at your other options first.

Do I Have The Support I Need?

It’s essential that you have friends and family who will support you in and out during the divorce process.  Before you find yourself trapped in the web of stress that divorce causes, you should ensure that you have a support system behind you first.