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4 Tips For Encouraging Your Kids To Clean Up After Themselves

It’s not always easy to get kids to clean up after themselves. In fact, it can be just as exhausting telling your kids to help clean around the house as it is to clean.

However, the more children that you have, the more necessary it becomes to encourage them to be a part of the family cleaning duties and respect your home by helping take care of it.

Let’s face it; you have better things to be doing than fixing your drains or scraping gum off of tables because of their neglect. The sooner you get started teaching them how to participate in cleaning, the more you benefit and the more they benefit in the long run. 

Put an end to the constant battle of trying to convince them to be tidier humans and start with these ideas to get them to clean up more.

Alternate Chores

When you make cleaning a family affair, then it becomes a group project.  A fun way to keep e everyone engaged is to alternate chores and shifts. Jumping around to different chores is a creative way to keep things fun.

One week bathroom duties can be assigned to one child, and the next week they’ll be in charge of doing dishes. The idea is to keep things interesting so that they don’t get too bored with the same thing.  

Turn On Some Music

Make cleaning activities a party by turning on tunes while you get your clean on. Let’s face it, cleaning a toilet isn’t fun regardless of the soundtrack, but it can make things a little more bearable at least!

Take turns choosing the music. You may even decide to make a family cleaning playlist together.

Lead By Example

One of the best ways to teach your children good habits, whether it’s how to eat healthfully or how to keep your house clean, is to lead by example.

Children are little sponges. The more that you show them by being the example, the more they will imitate your behaviors. However, barking at them to clean up after themselves yet being a slob yourself won’t be very effective leadership.

Provide Choices

Getting younger children to help clean can be like herding cats. A great way to convince them to participate is by giving them choices.

The secret is that both choices you give result in the same outcome, but you trick them into thinking they’re in control. For example, you can give them the option to “fly” upstairs to pick up their toys or climb like a monkey. It may seem silly, but giving them options makes them feel empowered and more likely to agree to your terms.