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4 Tips For Handling The Terrible Twos

The period of time in a child’s life known as the terrible twos is an infamous time of frustration and power struggles.   Sometimes it can be a battle to get your child to do something as simple as put on their shoes.

Although this phase is known as “the terrible-twos” it’s actually more like the terrible 1-4’s.  Typically, this rebellious behavior lasts for most kids until just after their 4th birthday. Although there are a variety of reasons which attribute to why kids may be feeling extra feisty during the time, it’s mostly because of a lack of communication skills.  When children feel misunderstood, they feel angry and frustrated, resulting in tantrums.

Therefore, if you’re a parent currently going through a period of terrible twos in your household, take a look at some of the best tips to help you survive.

Try To Remain Calm

Even though you might want to tear your hair out at moments, it’s essential that you stay as calm as possible.  Losing your cool while driving in the car, for example, could be dangerous and even result in getting into a car accident.  

Try to practice some breathing techniques to help you remain calm even when you want to scream at the top of your lungs.  Try to remember that you’re the adult and they’re the child. One day this will be over!

Stay Consistent With Rules

Kids thrive off consistency, as much as they might protest.  Having consistent rules makes them feel a sense of regularity and stability.  When you change the rules every time, then they’ll start to test them. If you let something slide just once, then they’ll believe that it’s possible to push their boundaries every time.

Enforce Nap Time

A nap is not only an essential part of avoiding tantrums, but it’s also necessary for their development.  Their bodies and brains are growing at such a rapid rate that sleep is essential for them to rest and recover.

The amount and length of naps they need depend on their age.  Talk to your pediatrician about what they recommend for your toddler.

Give Them Options

The trick to getting toddlers to do what you want is to trick them into thinking it’s their idea.  Giving them options to choose from which both work in your favor is vital.

For example, if the goal is to get them to go to sleep, ask them if they would rather crawl up the stairs to bed or jump up the stairs.  They’re still given an option which enforces their independence; however, the end result is still what you need them to do. As a result, they’ll feel empowered and feel less oppressed.