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4 Tips for Throwing the Perfect Baby Shower

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Baby showers are a quintessential part of the pregnancy process for many Americans. If you are planning on throwing a baby shower for someone special in your life, here are 4 tips for making it one to remember.

Plan Wisely

The more time and effort that you put into planning your baby shower, the better the chance you will have of pulling it off without a hitch. As soon as you and the mother have agreed that a baby shower is in order, you should begin the planning process. The first thing you need to do is to schedule a date. You should try and consult the key guests before you set a date in stone, even one or two people missing can spoil the entire day.

Planning everything out early will give you plenty of time to adjust your plans if your preferred options aren’t available, or if you are struggling to find solutions to your planning problems.

Choose a Theme

Once you have worked out when you are going to throw the baby shower, you then need to work out exactly what it’s going to include and how you are going to theme it. Try to avoid the cliched gendered color choices – pink for girls and blue for boys. Instead, get creative with your color choices. Maybe you could match the color scheme to the season it is when you throw the shower?

As well as a color scheme, some people like to go a step further and theme the entire party in some way. You don’t want to do anything that is going to detract from the purpose of the day, this is about the mother and her baby. However, if you can find the right theme then it can make the day even more special for her.

Design Some Killer Invitations

The right invitations will convince all of the potential guests you approach that your baby shower is an event that can’t be missed. If you aren’t the most creative person, or invitations and things just aren’t your forte, you might find these baby shower invitation templates from Adobe to be helpful.

Don’t underestimate the difference that an invitation can make, especially to the parents-to-be. If you want to show them that this day is a special one for you as well and that you’re happy for them, some beautiful and thoughtful invitations are an effective way of doing it.

Work Out Your Catering Early

When it comes to catering, you have two choices – you can either prepare the food yourself or you can hire an outside catering service to take care of it for you. If you are having a relatively small shower with a limited number of guests, you should probably cater it yourself. For larger gatherings, you might want to hire some outside help, but we would recommend a buffet instead. A buffet is the easiest option – guests serve themselves. Also, there won’t be any pressure on the mother to eat if she isn’t feeling up to it.

With the right preparation, throwing the perfect baby shower is easier than you might think. Make sure that you give yourself plenty of time to iron out all the kinks and give the mother-to-be a day she will never forget.