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4 Ways To Calm An Anxiety Attack

Millions of people suffer from anxiety across the globe.  They are plagued by blinding migraines, grinding their teeth, and above all, panic attacks.  The physical effects of anxiety can be terrifying and affect just about every aspect of your life.

When you’re in the middle of an anxiety attack, it’s challenging to recognize that you’re having one.  Most people are convinced they’re having a heart attack, or dying of some unforeseen cause. However, with enough practice and with the right tools, it’s possible to manage your anxiety and bring yourself down to a calm state of mind. 

Here are some of the best ways that anxiety experts claim can stop an anxiety attack in its tracks. 

An Ice Splash

Sometimes shock therapy is the best therapy.  A sudden purge in stimulation can break through feelings of panic and distract your mind and body from an impending anxiety attack.

Plunging your face or hands into ice water and “wake you up” from dissociative emotions.   This makes an excellent option for people looking for immediate relief from panic. 

Repeat a Mantra

Mantras can be a great way to calm the body down from a stressful state.  Breathe deeply and repeat whatever your chosen phrase is. You should begin to notice your heart rate coming down and your breathing regulating.

It’s a good idea to have a phrase prepared ahead of time.  That way, you won’t have to waste brain power trying to get creative in the moment.  You’ll have one on board that you know works. 

Turn Your Phone Off

Social media and incoming notifications can start to add to the pressure we feel.   Whether you feel like you have to be perfect for others online, or like people will be disappointed in you for not replying to their messages, it’s a good idea to eliminate external expectations.  Turn your phone off and let yourself breathe for a bit. 

That’s not to say that social media can’t also be incredibly helpful for anxiety sufferers.  Many people find safe haven in support groups amongst like-minded people. 

Write Down Your Feelings

Sometimes the best medicine is expressing how you feel.  When you’re experiencing your feelings, they may not make sense.  However, when you put them into words, you start to look at what’s going on in your head in a more objective sense.  Don’t be afraid to grab a pencil and paper and write down what’s bothering you. 

Controlling anxiety isn’t always possible.  However, by taking care of yourself as much as possible and avoiding your triggers, you can limit your exposure to anxiety.  Over time, you’ll become more resistant to anxiety attacks and know how to ward them off before they begin.