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5 Affordable Vacation Destinations for a Parents-Only Weekend Getaway

When you don’t have children, you dream of building a family. When you do have children, you and your significant spouse need to make every effort to get away from them a few times a year in order to bring the two of you back together. If you currently feel as though your relationship with your spouse is needing some major TLC, check out these affordable vacation destinations for a parents-only weekend getaway.

Winery and Distillery Tours

Depending on what area of the country you’re from, you will find a winery or distillery tour that fits the bill for your adults-only weekend trip. In California, Wisconsin, Oregon, Vermont, Connecticut, and a few other states, get a hotel room near a winery and then tour the winery. In Iowa, Kentucky, Tennessee, Texas, etc., do the same but tour a distillery. For example, in Iowa, you can go on a Templeton Rye distillery tour and sample some of the best whiskey around. Taste various samples by age while on the tour, all for the admittance ticket price of ten dollars each.

Couples Only Romantic Resorts

Special resorts for couples only feature silk sheets and rose petals, champagne and chocolate-dipped strawberries, a full pool and hot tub in the shape of a heart in your room, and much more. You can go on an exotic coastal vacation to Riviera Maya or other coastal places and book luxury resorts there (, but you will have to find out if they have couple’s only rooms/villas that you’ll enjoy. Sprawling ocean and some tropical drinks can wrap it up nicely for you. Rekindle the fire that brought you two together. Stay the entire weekend in the room or go out for romantic dinners and come back for relaxation and romance. Rooms can be rented for a few hours to a week, depending on your budget. For a little extra, you can enjoy couples massage, either done by professionals or taught to you to be done on each other.

A Casino Weekend

The couple that plays together stays together. If you and your partner like a little gambling and casino fun, spend a weekend in a casino. You can either head for Las Vegas, or find a local Native American casino closer to home for less. There is just as much big-name entertainment in local casinos as there are in Vegas, and you can still gamble or play slots all night. You don’t even have to play with a lot of money; people win whether they play nickel slots or hundred-dollar Texas hold’em tables.

Heaven at the Hard Rock Hotel, Riviera Maya, Mexico

Trips south of the border are extremely affordable, even when they involve a big chain hotel like this one. The pool is always a hot party scene with plenty of musical acts and lots of tropical drinks to please and there’s a nude beach if you’re really brave. Onsite room service could be just what you and your spouse need to help each other remember what crazy fun people you used to be.

Camping in National Parks

If you and your spouse love the great outdoors, you can make a weekend camping trip quite romantic. Go during cooler weather, like late spring or early fall. Spend the time cozying up around a campfire and sipping hot toddies. But, if you guys want to go camping during the summer, that would be fine too! Just get equipped with cotton clothes, and maybe a portable ac for camping and things like that!

Say what’s on your mind or nothing at all, all while enjoying the peaceful sounds and amazing views of a national park. It will only cost you gas and a few dollars for each night you camp out under the stars. It is the perfect way for any couple to recharge their batteries and their relationship.