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5 Amazing Benefits of Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy (PRP)

You may have seen people on social media raving about platelet-rich plasma therapy (PRP) and are probably not sure what the fuss is all about. PRP is a cosmetic treatment involving the collection of platelets from your blood and injecting them into a part of your body that’s injured. This then promotes rejuvenation or healing. PRP is just one of the many alternative medicine approaches that have proven useful in cases where other treatment options fail to work. Therefore, if you are thinking of going for a PRP procedure, you should visit Dr. Kumar of LifeWell M.D. in Port St. Lucie, PRP, for customized and compassionate care.

PRP sessions take less than an hour, and there are minimal to no side effects in that some people even get to go back to work the same day of the treatment. Preparations differ depending on the area being treated.

For instance, if one is going for PRP meant to address hair loss, the doctor will ask them to wash their hair on the day of the procedure.

Some people experience discomfort, pain, or bruising in the first few days after PRP. If this happens, do not self-medicate. Instead, consult your doctor immediately.

There are several reasons why people swear by PRP treatments. Keep reading to understand why.


PRP treatments increase collagen and elasticity. The plasma stimulates the growth of new cells, plumps the skin, improves the texture, and reduces fine lines. Note that the cell growth takes weeks or even months, so many people find that the results of PRP get better with time.

PRP And Scars

Studies show that PRP treatments, such as the use of fractional laser therapy, can reduce the appearance of acne and other traumatic scars. Other notable benefits are the reduction of edema and erythema.

Edema is a condition whereby the skin gets swollen and gets stretched, causing pain. In contrast, erythema is a condition that causes the skin to swell, and is often a reaction to a particular medication, inflammatory disease, or infection.

PRP And Other Therapies

Combining PRP with other treatments such as micro-needling and laser, have proven to be beneficial by increasing the rate of tissue renewal, as well as improved healing time. Keep in mind that body parts such as the joints take longer to heal due to inadequate blood flow.

Therefore, unlike surgery and taking medication, PRP targets the injured area with no obstruction as compared to the traditional way of healing where platelets would have to travel in the bloodstream to get to the injured area.

PRP Augments Fat Grafting

Autologous fat grafting entails the transfer of fat from different parts of the body such as the thighs or abdomen and through liposuction. PRP treatments help to ensure that the fat is retained once it has been transferred into a new location, i.e., a body part.

PRP And Hair Loss

Research shows that PRP treatments help in accelerating hair transplants for people who have lost their hair. This procedure also thickens the existing hair. It’s best to go for regular treatments for one to experience satisfactory results.

PRP is safe, and it promotes faster healing as well as overall rejuvenation. If you are planning to try out this treatment, visit a board-certified physician such as Dr. Kumar of LifeWell M.D. for a unique experience.