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5 Best Cars for Families

When people are looking for a car for the family, a lot of priorities come to mind. Most will need a car that is spacious and has a lot of cargo space. Others will want a car that will be comfortable during long trips, and others will look for something that fits their budget with a modest gas consumption. Some will want all of this in one package. In this article, we’re going to give you a rundown of the 5 best cars for families.

Kia Sedona

The Kia Sedona just got a makeover and is one of the most budget friendly models on our lists, starting at around $27,000. The headlights have been redesigned to give them a racier look, and the Sedona’s look almost makes you forget that it’s a minivan. The seats are now stain resistant, which is a great touch, and the Sedona now sports an eight speed transmission that puts it right up there with some of the higher priced models. And it has loads of space too; you can easily fit up to 5 baby seats inside, so this should be more than enough for a family of 4.

Toyota Sienna

The Sienna is another great choice if you’re in the market for a minivan. This is the only minivan on the market right now with all-wheel drive. We had to put it at number two because of its relatively high price tag. At $31,000 for a base level, we’re only at around a few hundred from some 2 row SUVs on the market.

The four-wheel drive is great however, and if you have to frequently deal with snow or rainy weather, the Sienna could be a great option. The vehicle also has other neat options that most families will appreciate. For instance, it has a seat access function that lowers the vehicle to almost street level when the doors are open. These are the kind of small details that make it such a great option for families.

Ford Escape

The Escape remains one of the most popular 2 row SUVs on the market and it’s easy to see why. We can speak about the looks and technology, but what really sets it apart is how maneuverable it is thanks to its compact size. But that doesn’t mean that you’re sacrificing space, however. You can comfortably fit 2 baby seats in the back, and even the third one if they’re narrow. It’s also very budget friendly at around $24,000.

GMC Terrain

The Terrain might seem tiny from the exterior, but is one of the most spacious SUVs in its category. You can easily fit up to 8ft in the back if you fold the front passenger and back seats. You could also fit 3 slim car seats or boosters on the rear seats.

Subaru Ascent

The Subaru Ascent is the only 2 row SUV on this list, and is considered by many as the top in the category. One of the things that sets it apart is torque. If you were thinking of carrying a camper, the Ascent can tow up to 5000 pounds. It also has tons of neat technology like automatic braking and EyeSight Driver Assist. Not to mention that all of these come standard. And it’s also one of the most affordable at around $31,995 for base model.

So, if you needed a new car for your family, make sure to give all of these a second look. And don’t be afraid to ask an expert second opinion, so you’ll be able to make a more informed decision.