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5 Birthday Party Themes for Your Twenties

Your twenties is one of the best decades in your adult life for celebrating birthdays. Often, when people hit the age of 30, they start to feel like birthdays remind them of the passing of time in a way that makes them uncomfortable, and they wish time would slow down or even stop. But in your twenties, you might feel like you wish time would speed up! You want to finish school so you can start your career, or you want to get past the first few years of your career so you can earn a promotion and a higher salary, and so on.

A birthday party theme can really liven up a celebration. The creativity involved in deciding on a costume and putting it together gets the party guests involved in advance – sometimes weeks or months ahead of the celebration. All the conversations and planning add to the ambiance of the party itself, because the more the guests have emotionally invested (aside from loving you, of course!), the more they’ll want it to be an awesome occasion. 

Here are five themes to consider for your next birthday party in your twenties:

Old Hollywood – You can go as far back as the silent era with flapper dresses and headbands. And, for the men, dressing like a male movie star from those days is simple – it’s all in the hair, and the more pomade, the better. The theme of “Old Hollywood” is pretty flexible, too. While you may wish to set more specific guidelines, guests could interpret it as any time period from the beginning of motion pictures all the way until the 2000s. When you’re in your twenties, your perception of what is “old” or “classic” covers a lot of ground. 

Hunter and Prey – All of the theme ideas covered in this article could be fun for couples, but “Hunter and Prey” really lends itself to dates. One dresses up like the hunter and the other like a deer. One carries a fishing pole and the other is a fish. One is a fox and the other a hound. Of course, in today’s progressive climate, a vegan smorgasboard for the menu would be a wonderful counterbalance to the costumes.

Roaring Twenties  – We touched on flapper dresses, headbands, and pomade under the “Old Hollywood” category, but the “Roaring Twenties” can be a theme of its own. Think The Great Gatsby. And of course, “Roaring Twenties” could take on a whole new meaning, since we’ve entered the year 2020. What would a theme of this decade look like to you? It’s a fresh idea, and one worth considering.

Aliens and Astronauts – This is a tried-and-true classic birthday party theme; guests can get as into it as they want. An astronaut’s costume is pretty straightforward – you’ll need some sort of jumpsuit with a nametag and, hopefully, a helmet. The alien costumes are where the creativity can really shine. You might be wondering where to get costumes for aliens and astronauts. The best answer is that you make them, of course! But if you don’t have the time, inclination, or spare creativity, you can find costumes at Party City or online.

Me Tarzan, You Jane – The best example of this type of costume theme is if you encourage your guests to avoid sticking to gender norms. That should be a given in all party themes, honestly. Any member of the party can be either Tarzan or Jane, and this inspires a lot more creativity. As we mentioned, the more the guests are invested in getting ready for the party, the livelier the party.

In closing, make sure you enjoy the birthday parties in your twenties – and don’t forget the invitations! Try an online invitation platform like Paperless Post for an environmentally conscious alternative to paper invitations, or get into the spirit of your party early by making your own!