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5 Game Prizes Kids Will Love

There are many reasons why a lot of kids consider Christmas their favorite holiday. They get to visit family and friends, eat lots of good food, go to parties, and receive thoughtful gifts. To liven up gatherings and to make sure that every kid in the vicinity feels the spirit of Christmas, many communities hold games and competitions specially designed for children and the young at heart.

Preparing the right prizes for your games will help boost participation in the program, as well as encourage the kids to do their best and really immerse themselves in the experience. Kids, in general, are not too difficult to please, so party organizers won’t have a hard time picking out appropriate prizes for their games. To help you create a shopping list for your upcoming Christmas party, we’ve prepared a list of game prizes that your young guests will love to have:

Loot bags filled with cute accessories. Loot bags or goodie bags are a staple in children’s parties. Aside from serving as a happy memento of the event, these loot bags can also be used as prizes for the games. There are a lot of things that you can include in the bag: figured wristbands with cartoon designs, colorful lanyards, cute pencils and pens, hair ties, chocolates, candies—the possibilities are endless. As long as it fits in the bag and it’s something that kids will find cute, fun, or useful, then it’s probably a good loot or goodie.

Arts and crafts materials – Children love to use their imagination, and arts and crafts materials help them turn their creativity into a tangible item that they can show to other people. Using coloring books, art sets, crafting materials, or even a rock painting kit, you can encourage children to join the games and do their best to win. As an alternative, you can also incorporate art into the program by having an art-centered activity. Take a bit of time to create something to remember the event by, and all your guests can go home with their very own artwork and a new art kit. 

Cool costumes – Children love to play pretend, and cool costumes can help them craft their own imaginary world. You can give winners masks, capes, shirts, pajamas, or onesies that help them emulate their favorite creature or character. Unicorns are quite a hit with small kids nowadays, but there are also children who will be thrilled to run around looking like a dragon, mermaid, or even their favorite superhero.

Grow your own plant kit – A gardening kit might not sound too exciting, but it’s a gift that keeps on giving. It’s a great learning material, as it allows kids to observe how plants grow. It gives them something to do, something to look forward to, and provides them an opportunity to learn about responsibilities. They’ll be thrilled to find their plants thriving and flowering in a few months’ time.

Board games – Who doesn’t love board games? This big-ticket item can add a bit of competition to your party games, as the kids (and their parents) will want to take the prize home with them. This prize will keep the winner from getting bored and provide hours of fun. The winning family can spend some quality time playing together and deepening their bond with each other.

There are a lot of items that you can use as game prizes for children’s Christmas parties. When narrowing down your options, pay attention to how the item looks, if it’s age-appropriate, and if it’s durable enough. This will help you make sure that the children will enjoy and make the most out of their prizes.