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5 Great Gifts That Dad Will Actually Use

Let’s face it: it can be a challenge to shop for your dad. After all, what do you buy the guy who has everything? How can you pick the perfect gift for someone who’s been there through it all? You want to show your appreciation for the person who raised you, but you don’t want to fall into the trap of getting him another shirt, tiepin, or billfold. So, what do you buy? Read on to find out.

A Set of Fun and Funky Whiskey Glasses

If your dad’s a lover of whiskey, he needs glasses to drink from! These Founding Fathers Whiskey Glasses have quotes and portraits from the men who started it all. These heavy-bottomed glasses are stylish, and the set is an eye-catching way to enjoy a drink at the end of the day. They are definitely are a conversation starter!

Classic Boots

Every dad needs a good pair of boots in his life. Whether he works or not, a sturdy pair of boots can be useful in a variety of occasions, from working in the garden to going on a fishing trip. And if you choose the right pair, the boots can go straight from fishing to a date night! Plus, high-quality boots will often last for years if they’re taken care of properly.

An E-Reader

Image via Flickr by ajleon

If your dad loves to read, consider getting him an e-reader! There are hundreds of thousands of books available for e-readers these days, and while nothing can beat the feel of turning pages, an e-reader is a practical gift if your dad likes to travel. It’s more lightweight and compact than bringing a bunch of books in his suitcase, so he’ll have more room for souvenirs!

A New Face Routine

Maybe the years are starting to catch up with your dad. Maybe he hasn’t taken care of his skin the way he should. That’s why a grooming kit is a great gift. Get a simple set with a cleanser, scrub, and lotion so he’s not overwhelmed; no 20-step evening rituals for this guy! If he needs it, you can replace his old electric trimmer with a new one, too. Show your dad how handsome he can be!

A Tool Seat for Gardening

If your dad loves to putter around outdoors or is serious about his home garden, consider getting him a gardening seat that can also hold popular gardening tools. This seat offers the stability of a folding chair and the practicality of a tool belt, helping save your dad’s knees and back from discomfort while putting his favorite gardening tools at his fingertips. Your outdoorsy dad will thank you for such a thoughtful gift!

Dads deserve great presents for any occasion or no reason at all. When you choose a thoughtful gift that relates to your dad’s interests and hobbies, he’ll know you care about what’s happening in his life. Nothing can help your connection with your dad grow stronger than bonding over a shared hobby! So, consider buying one of these gifts for the next major holiday. You’ll be glad you did.