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5 Ideas On How to Wear a Shirt Dress Jacket

Imagine having an all style piece that is part a shirt dress, part a jacket. This trending shacket look can have a lot of versatile duties in your wardrobe. However, you may be wondering how do you wear it? Fortunately, there are many outfit ideas that you can try out. Once you buy your shacket dress here, you can choose one of the many ways on how to wear it. Below are some of the ways that you can try out your shacket dress and dress it up for various occasions. 

  1. Wear a shirt dress jacket on its own 

If you are a fan of wearing a shirt dress on its own, you can also wear a shirt dress jacket on its own. Choose one in plain color and wear it as a monochrome look. For instance, a white, dark grey, or brown shirt dress jacket will not disappoint. Add a touch of color with the bag you choose or the lipstick that you wear. Accessorize with drop earrings, a necklace, and beautiful matching sandals or boots. This look is complete for a casual weekend out with friends. Also, it is a stunning look to wear for a night out as they are versatile enough to wear during the day or night.  

  • Wear over leggings

Sometimes you may prefer to cover your legs and not wear your shirt dress jacket on its own. In such a case, wear over leggings, especially if the weather is a little chilly or you feel it is too short for your liking. So, once you choose a shirt dress jacket of your liking, color, and fabric. Choose leggings or tights that will match perfectly to the pair. Wear with sandals and a convertible clutch as you go out to run some errands or a casual outing. This look is simple and stylish and a great look when you are planning to go off on vacation.  

  • Wear over your jeans 

Among the many pieces of clothing, you can avoid wearing with your jeans. A shirt dress jacket is not one of them, and it stands out looking elegant and unique. Whether you button it up or wear it as a duster jacket, the shirt dress jacket is easy to match with a tank top, skinny jeans, sandals, and a rattan bag to accessorize. This is a stunning look that will stand out with various shirt dress jackets that you have in your closet. 

  • Wear over wide-leg pants

When styling your shirt dress jacket with jeans, it may seem easy and obvious. They will also look as lovely with wide-leg pants. So, to upgrade your style quotient with the shirt dress jacket, experiment styling it with wide-leg pants as it will look stunning as well. To add a retro feel to this fresh look, add some platform pumps and a shoulder bag to accessorize your look. Try this for a daytime event. For instance, a summer event or lunch with friends will work wonderfully for such daytime occasions. 

  • Wear over narrow leg pants 

A shirt dress jacket will look beautiful when you pair it with narrow leg pants. This look is easy to put together and stylish. It is an outfit that is universally flattering as well with these pants and looks you will want to repeat as often as you can. Hence, purchase various pieces of these to wear for various occasions. For instance, choose a fun style that brings out a pop of color like a yellow shirt dress jacket, and blue narrow leg pants. If bold colors are too much for you, you can wear a white shirt dress jacket and black pants and pair them with sandals.  

To sum up, a shirt dress jacket is a trending piece that you should add to your wardrobe. The above ways to wear it shows how versatile this clothing piece is. Either you wear it alone, over pants, or as an open duster coat. It will not disappoint as its final look is elegant. Try this out for a casual weekend, an evening lookout with friends, and stand out from the crowd.