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5 Kitchen Features You Should Consider Including In Your Remodel

The kitchen is the heart of a house. It can be so much more than the place where food is prepared. Often, the kitchen is where families convene and share coffee in the morning or gather after a long day of work or school to eat dinner together. Kitchen remodels can seriously improve the atmosphere in a home. Here are five features you should consider when planning for a revamp of your kitchen.

Let There Be Light

Plenty of natural light is a desirable feature for any room – not least the kitchen, where families gather, and complex tasks are completed. Extra skylights and feature French windows are both common features in kitchen remodeling projects.

Artificial lighting should also be a significant part of any kitchen remodel. Hanging steel light fittings are a great way to round off an industrial-style kitchen – contrasting well with burnished bronze fittings.

Ventilation, Ventilation, Ventilation

Ventilation is extremely important in a kitchen. Smoke from cooking is obviously unpleasant, and excess steam allowed to expand into a room can propagate mold problems. The best kitchen remodeling experts will take ventilation into account from the very beginning of a project. Far too many kitchens are poorly ventilated, or feature ventilation fans tacked into the design as an afterthought. A beautiful contemporary range hood made of stainless steel is perfect for the modern minimalist kitchen.

What Is A Kitchen Without A Stove?

The most important feature of any kitchen is its stove. After all, the real purpose of a kitchen is primarily to prepare food. Modern stoves come in all sorts of styles that will suit just about any kitchen. From old-fashioned Aga gas setups to ultramodern induction hob equipped ovens, there are good stoves to suit every space.

Rubbish Needs Love Too

Trash cans are a big feature of a kitchen environment, but they are often ignored when people spruce up their house. All too often, a wonderful new kitchen is besmirched by an out-of-place bin – some ugly molded plastic affair most often. Decent trash cans are surprisingly priced, but you get what you pay for. The best rubbish receptacles are as elegant as any other kind of furniture. It is true that some people can get a little bit too excited about trash cans, but you won’t regret giving a little bit more thought to your humble waste bin.

Embrace The Breakfast Bar

Traditional breakfast bars might seem a little old-fashioned to you. Plenty of people associate breakfast bars with the improbably large and unusually ugly kitchens featured in middle of the road sitcoms or dramas. A special exception has to be given to the breakfast bar that features in the Soprano’s sprawling McMansion. With the help of marble vanity tops, a traditional breakfast bar can be made to look quite modern. This could also be considered a showpiece for your home with just some comfortable seating and a countertop.

Traditional breakfast bars might be a little pastiche, but there are plenty of modern and elegant takes on this classic piece of kitchen furniture that would be at home in a stylish and comfortable kitchen. Breakfast bars are sociable zones where families can reconvene and talk (or argue as the case may be) in the mornings. Adding a social element to your kitchen is a great idea.