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5 Reasons You May Be Feeling Depressed

Although it’s normal to waves of sadness here and there, extended periods of sadness may be a sign of something more serious. In some cases, it may not come down to fleeting low energy or one isolated event causing you t feel down, but a case of depression.


Being depressed isn’t a productive state of mind. It leads to dwelling on insignificant details, anxiousness, and in some cases, even self-harm. Feeling depressed makes it difficult to get any work done, and is likely to affect your personal relationships.


However, it’s important to know that depression doesn’t have to take control of you. It’s possible to overcome depression with a consistent effort. The secret to finding a solution, however, is first to identify the reason behind it is. Once you know what’s causing your depression, then you can move towards a remedy.


Here are some of the most common reasons why you may be feeling depressed recently.


The Weather


The weather has a significant impact on how we feel. During the winter season, there is less sunlight, which can result in less vitamin D. When the majority of the day is dark, it can start to take its toll on our overall mood.


Unfortunately, humans don’t have control over the weather; however, there are some potential solutions to seasonal depression. You may want to consider light therapy or go on a trip to a sunny location at least once during the winter.




Hormones have a funny way of convincing you that you feel a certain way without knowing why. They can affect your mood, metabolism, and even sexual urges. Hormones fluctuate during different periods of our lives for various reasons.


Some people are more susceptible to hormonal mood changes than others. Talk to your doctor about whether hormones may be playing a role in your mood swings. They may be able to prescribe a medication, or even an alternative treatment, like acupuncture. 


Unresolved Trauma


Sometimes, when something traumatic happens, we don’t fully process our feelings. Our brains may bury these feelings as an act of self-protection so that we can survive. However, if left unresolved, these feelings can start to cause problems later in life.


We may feel more negative or anxious and susceptible to depression. If you suffered anything stressful at some point in your life, you might want to explore talking to a therapist about whether it may be causing your depression.




There are many people that believe the modern world is far too much stress for our species to handle. Once upon our ancestors only had predators to worry about. Now, there are a variety of stresses coming at us from all angles throughout the day. 


Over time, it can take its toll on our mental health.  Try to practice de-stressing activities like deep breathing or meditation to find balance.