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5 Simple Ways to Show Your Dog Love

We all know that dogs are man’s best friend. Perhaps no other pet is more loyal, not to mention their splendid dexterity and endearing personalities. Whether you’re a single student or family of four, dogs make for the perfect companion. Needless to say, that they love us just as much and do everything in their power to show it. Dogs convey their emotions in many different ways, ranging from completely clear to super subtle. Regardless, their love is unconditional. How can you reciprocate it? Here are 5 simple ways to show your precious pup some appreciation.

Speak Their Language

Don’t hesitate to spark up an occasional conversation. Your dog will understand more than you might think. Studies using MRI technology found that their brains process language similarly to humans. Even better is that our pups enjoy hearing that high-pitched ‘baby talk’ voice that owners often use. You can also tell them a story. Reading was found to calm down anxious and agitated dogs in shelters.

Listen Carefully

Sometimes, it’s better to listen. This is important when gauging your dog’s mood. Watching their body language can also help you see if you’re getting the message of love across. Look out for positive signs such as:

  • Wagging tails
  • Eye contact
  • Raised eyebrows
  • Tilted head

Conversely, symptoms of a nervous pooch include tail-tucking, lip-licking and averted eyes. Remember that your pup’s peepers can communicate a lot. Lingering gazes express love. Just make sure to avoid staring them down in a forceful manner, which can make them feel uneasy.

Feed Good Food

What you choose to feed your dog can mean the difference between lasting prosperity and endless health problems. Pouring the same old bag of dry kibble into every bowl is no way to show love. Instead, aim to provide a varied selection of natural foods such as meat, bones and healthy fats.

Raw dog food in the UK is becoming increasingly popular. It’s all about ensuring a complete and balanced diet that’s free from artificial ingredients and nasty fillers. Check out this UK supplier of raw dog food for more details. They offer high-quality meals that are tailored to the individual needs of your pet and delivered at no additional cost.

Naps and Cuddles

Aside from having plenty of play time, our canine companions enjoy resting and relaxing with their owners. You don’t necessarily have to break the bed rule. An afternoon nap on the sofa or over the grass is all your pup needs. This serves as a great way to deepen your connection, as dogs thrive on physical contact.

Take a Walk

Another vital aspect of canine well-being is routine and schedule, which you can reinforce with a daily stroll. Mixing in the odd training session turns it into an even more fun and enriching experience with lasting benefits. It’s also an ideal opportunity to improve trust and communication.

Most people agree that it’s better to forgo any hugs and kisses, which not all dogs enjoy. Fortunately, the alternatives mentioned above are more than perfect when it comes to showing your pup some love.