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5 Things to Consider Before Buying Tassel Bikinis

Out of many different bikini types to flaunt your body, a tassel bikini is one such style that you might want to wear this summer season. As the name suggests, tassel bikinis have tassels attached to the upper bandeau and the bikini bottom, adding volume to the whole outfit.

Look sensual and elegant, wearing a hot and trendy tassel bikini. Whether you prefer a bohemian, laidback, or edgy style, the tassels on the bikini give a playful effect to your looks. They also add a sexy appeal and elongate your torso. All eyes will be on you when you hit the beach wearing a fashionable and sexy tassel bikini.

Before buying them, you have to pay attention to a few things. Let’s see what they are.

  1. The Shape of Your Body

A tassel bikini is ideal for slim women as it helps add volume to the overall look. Especially for women who have a small bust, a tasseled style with embellishments around the chest area will add the illusion of size. A tassel bikini will also draw attention to your waist, so it is a complete no-no for apple and pear-shaped women.

However, if you want to go with the trend and wear a tassel bikini, choose the one that comes with a high-waist bottom. The high-waist bikini bottom will flatten your body and shape your bum, accentuating your beautiful curves.

  1. The right fit

Always make sure that you pick the right size for a perfect fit when buying a tasseled bikini. You do not want to make heads turn for the wrong reason. Tassel bikinis are available in all sizes, including plus-size. Take exact measurements of your bust, tummy, and hips to get your sizing right. You can go for a bikini featuring a side tie fastening, making it easy to adjust sizing.

  1. Color

Tasseled bikinis are usually brightly colored and are great to wear if you want to make an appearance on the beach. A flattering bikini in a bright color can uplift your confidence regardless of the size you wear. Experiment with colors and prints when buying a tasseled bikini and choose the one you are most comfortable in.

Floral printed, multi-colored bikinis are going to be a trend this season. You can also go for a single pop of color for a pretty look. Whether you are playing at the beach or lounging by the poolside, a colorful floral bikini with tassels will be the most desirable choice to make things interesting.

  1. Tassel Detailing

While buying a tasseled bikini, make sure to examine the embellishments. These tassels can be at the end of the knots or adorn bikinis hemlines for a fashionable look. You do not want to wear a bikini only once and see all the attractive tassels falling off. Check if the tassels are held tightly and can stand up to wear and tear. Also, they should be cleverly placed not to affect the practicality of the swimwear.

  1. Type and Size of Tassels

Another thing you might want to consider while buying a tasseled bikini is the type and size of tassels. They can be thread tassels, gems or beads tassels for an exotic and flattering look. Also, please note the tassels’ size; you don’t want them to be a hindrance while you are swimming or having fun at the beach.

Long tassels will make you look slimmer, so if you are not going to do too much swimming activity, they can be the right choice for women on the heavier side.

Make your summers wild and let your body move around in confidence wearing a sexy tassel bikini available in numerous prints and colors.