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5 Things To Consider Before Suing Someone

There are different motivations behind why you may choose to sue someone.  Perhaps someone damaged your personal property, threatened your reputation, or owes you money.  

Because of what we see in the movies and on television, a lot of people think that it’s as easy as taking someone to court and getting millions of dollars out of them.  However, it’s essential to know that it doesn’t happen quite like that. Here are some things you should know before you sue someone.

You Can’t Force The Other Side To Pay

When you sue someone, specifically in small claims court, you may get a judgment for money owed to you; however, you don’t receive it overnight.  Many people have to go through a considerable amount of challenges in order to enforce the judgement.

Although the court can tell the person who owes you ney to pay you, sometimes it’s not enough.  They may not have the funds to pay you, or may try to escape the judgment. This can be incredibly frustrating after all of your efforts.  Going into it with a realistic attitude about how long it takes to get paid in the event that you do win is beneficial.  

Small Claims Court Isn’t Like Criminal Court

You may have seen riveting criminal court cases on television and think that your civil claim will be the same setting.  However, it’s entirely different in the real world when you sue someone.  

When you sue another party, you probably won’t be in front of a jury.  There won’t be family members crying for you in the crowd. It’s usually a bench trial in a small room with a judge.   It’s generally very tedious and boring, and not anything like courtroom dramas you see on television.

There Are No Guarantees In Court

It’s important to know that regardless of how hopeful you’re feeling about winning that you know that it can go either way.  Sometimes people are convinced they’ll win and things take a surprising turn when they least expect.

Ultimately a good lawyer will be what determines the fate of your case.  Having a strong case with a lousy lawyer is just as promising as having a weak case with a strong lawyer.  

Attorneys Are Expensive

If you hope to win your case, you should invest your money into a good lawyer.  If you’ve never hired a lawyer before, then it’s essential to know that they aren’t cheap.  You should anticipate having to pay a considerable amount of money to find a good lawyer.  For that very reason, you should think long and hard about whether you think suing is the best choice for you and your budget.