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5 Things to Do Before Sending Your Child Off to College

From how to tie their shoes when they are kids to teaching them to avoid accidents when they start driving, you are constantly doing things to teach and help your children as they grow into the mature, responsible adults you hope they’ll become. 

That’s why it’s so strange when you hear the tales of parents about their children’s first year of college. From how many lightbulbs to buy to how do I send a box by mail, these are all questions that parents have heard over that first year. If you have a child that’ll soon be headed off to college for their freshman year, there are a few things you should teach them before letting them go. 

Teach Them to Do Laundry

From not putting their bralettes in the dryer to how to separate whites from colors, your freshman college student should have a handle on how to wash clothes before they leave your home. Instead of washing their clothes for them over the summer make them do it themselves. This way, they’ll be able to handle it on their own when the big day comes. Try also adding easy wash and dry / non iron items like GANT chinos for women to their wardrobe before they go. 

Teach Them the Basics of Banking 

The basics of banking are some of the most important things you can teach your budding college student. Of course, your teen probably already knows how to use an ATM card, but what about the rest? They should know how to write a check, make a payment online, balance their checkbook, and how to deposit money before they get in their car to head off for that first year of college. 

Teach Them About Public Transportation

Many kids go off to school without access to a car. If your child is lucky enough to have a car then fine, however, every teenager needs to know about public transportation. Teach them how to use it and how to be safe when they do. You can even take away their car keys for part of the summer to ensure they know how to take a cab, subway, bus or train to where they need to go. You’ll not only build their confidence in public transportation but your own peace of mind as well. 

Teach Them to Be Safe 

Just because they watch the news or movies about violence on college campuses doesn’t mean they take it seriously or think it could happen to them. That’s why it’s super important to teach your college freshman safety tips for college life ahead of time. From never walking alone at night to avoiding drinking at parties, you might feel your child should already know these things, but it never hurts to stress just how important safety is including online safety. Just showing them the statistics isn’t always enough, so stress these tips before they leave home. 

Teach Them to Cook 

Knowing how to cook when you’re in college comes in handy. While many freshmen are on some sort of meal plan, cooking is still something they should know how to do, at least a few simple things. Some dorms have communal kitchens, so cooking can even be fun for them with their friends. On top of that, you never know when your teen will end up living off-campus, and eating out all the time can get super expensive, not to mention unhealthy. Schedule some time over the summer to teach your teen to cook. It not only gives you valuable time together, but it can also be fun sharing a meal you’ve cooked together and will leave you both with memories when he’s in college hours away. 

These are a couple of things you should do for your kids before they head off to college. Remember, independence is key in college and these things will help them get there.