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5 Things You Should Never Do At a Job Interview

Attending a job interview can be nerve-wracking. Between worrying about what to say and what to wear, it’s enough to keep you up at night with anxiety.

Before a job interview, several key things to keep in mind include researching the company and role thoroughly to demonstrate your interest and knowledge, practicing your responses to common interview questions to articulate your qualifications effectively, arriving on time to show punctuality and respect, preparing questions to ask the interviewer to display your engagement, and maintaining a positive attitude and confidence throughout the interview to showcase your suitability for the position. Additionally, remember to bring multiple copies of your resume and any necessary documents, and follow up with a thank-you email or note after the interview to express your gratitude and reiterate your interest in the role.

You’ve probably already read all about the importance of presenting yourself well to create a positive first impression. Your wardrobe and personal grooming can be the difference between a successful and unsuccessful interview, so it’s important to ensure that you look professional and presentable. It would even be a good idea to book an appointment with London barbers (or similar professionals where you live) prior to your interview, to ensure that you don’t have a hair out of place. This will make a positive impact on how the interviewer perceives you.

While you may have all of the preparatory aspects ready for the interview, there are some rules to remember during the process. With the right tips and preparation, you can impress your potential new employer and hopefully get the job that you want. When it comes to the do’s and dont’s of job interviews, here are some things that you should definitely not do during your interview.

Talk Badly About Previous Employers

You wouldn’t go on a first date and start talking badly about your ex, would you? Don’t even think about attending a job interview and trash-talking your ex-employer.

Regardless of how valid your complaints are, whether you suffered an accident due to their negligence, or you were unjustly fired, it’s just not a good idea to bring up.

When you start speaking badly about your ex-employer, your interviewer will begin to assume that it’s only a matter of time until you start talking badly about your next employer. Remember, your job interviewer isn’t your personal therapist. They’re your potential new boss. Don’t air your dirty laundry to them. Save it for a friend or family member.

Make Early Demands

Most seasoned professionals will advise against being the first person to bring up your salary in an interview. It’s generally considered in poor taste to start talking about numbers too early on.

You want to show your interviewer that your biggest priority is learning more about the company and whether you’ll be a good fit. When you talk about money prematurely, you’re showing where your priorities are.

Once they make an offer, then you can start negotiating salaries.

Don’t Act Carelessly

A job interview is a crucial opportunity to showcase your professionalism and suitability for a position, so it’s essential to avoid any careless behavior that could jeopardize your chances. To land that dream job, you’ll want to leave a lasting impression of competence and diligence. Acting carelessly, whether through disorganized paperwork, arriving late, or failing to research the company, sends the wrong message to potential employers.

Remember, employers often seek candidates who display attention to detail, a trait highly valued in the professional world. In fact, you might want to explore eight common traits of detail-oriented people, so that you’ll see that they consistently stand out as top performers in their respective fields.

Therefore, take your job interview seriously and leave no room for carelessness. It’s your opportunity to shine, and you should seize it with the utmost care and preparation.

Forget Your Resume

A lot of job interview candidates assume that since they emailed their resume before being called in, they won’t need to bring one to the interview.

However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Your interviewer has hundreds of resumes that they’ve got on their desks. The last thing they want to have to do is find your resume in the middle of a messy pile.Arrive prepared and make their job easier.

Leave Your Phone On

Be sure to put your phone on mute before you arrive at the interview. Receiving notifications and calls while in their office will only look unprofessional.