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5 Tips For Keeping Your Kid Safe During Football Season

Getting your kids involved in team sports is a great supplement to their education.  Football, in particular, is a great way to keep your kids involved in the community. In addition to being a great way to stay active, it also teaches the value of teamwork.

However, football can also be an extremely dangerous sport. There are plenty of risks for getting injured at any moment in the game. Therefore, it’s important to make sure that you take the necessary safety measures to avoid injuries.

Wear Protective Gear

It’s essential that they always wear their protective gear even during practice.  All it takes is one wrong hit to break a collarbone or even jaw.

Your child should wear everything from a helmet to shoulder pads.  It’s essential in order to avoid things like broken bones and even concussions.  They should also wear a mouthguard to prevent any injuries from a blow to the face.

Always Warm Up

It’s never a good idea to dive straight into a physical activity.  They should always stretch and warm up their muscles before getting onto the field.

Failing to warm up before starting a game could result in pulling a muscle or developing a cramp.

Know The Rules

Your kid shouldn’t even think about getting on the field until they’ve mastered how the game works.  One of the best ways to get injured is to get lost on the field, pinned on impact between two moving bodies.

When children know the rules of the game, there are fewer injuries.  It’s important they know the proper ways to tackle which are least likely to injure someone.


Even if they know the rules of the game, it’s crucial that they have spatial awareness and common courtesy.  Beyond the rules of the game alone, they should also know rules about being thoughtful of others.

They should know how to communicate without being rude or harsh, as well as communicative without being pushy.

They should help other players when they’re in need and remember that it’s important to look out for your fellow teammates!

Don’t Play When Injured

Even if your child insists that they’re fine and their injury isn’t bothering them, don’t let them play if they’ve been hurt.

They should fully heal before playing again; otherwise, they can worsen their condition which could sit them out of the game for even longer.

Be sure to follow their coach’s advice and apply heat or ice to the injury for as long as it takes to improve.  The last thing you want is them having to quit the sport altogether which could be devastating, particularly if they’re a key player!