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5 Tips For Making Your Home Luxurious On A Budget

The easiest way to transform your home into a haven of luxurious style without having to break the bank is to invest in selective statement pieces in specific materials to enhance the glamour and eccentricity of each living space. Simple steps include adding fresh flowers and live plants and keeping the place clean and uncluttered, this will immediately make a home feel classier. Some luxury bedding is not only good to make your home look splendid, but it’s also extremely comfortable too. In addition, here are 5 things you can do to add luxury to your home on a budget. 

Luxe Materials

Real wood and marble furniture emphasise elegance and good taste, but you can recreate this with alternative versions such as tile. They look especially opulent when paired with metallic finishes such as silver or brass knobs and faucets. Complement this style with luxurious soft furnishings in deep colours, like velvet sofas or faux leather chairs and natural linen curtains and cushions.


When you think “monochrome” you might think black and white, but bold monochromatics are on the rise in modern luxury interior design. Subtle shades can fall flat, so your walls and furnishings should favour daring rich colours to invoke the feeling of decadence. Cobalt blue and aubergine are popular colour choices, but you can soften a bold palette with another complementary colour. Ensure that the main colour stands out by repeating it throughout. 

Classic Antiques

Classic furniture and decor never really goes out of style. Even with changing interior designs, classic light fixtures and framed mirrors can fit in with most themes. One way to lend grandeur to a room is to decorate with vintage accessories. Sculptural sconces and painting frames, Grecian busts, and wood, metal, or ceramics with a patina can create an air of wisdom and draw attention to the wealth of history behind your collected material items.

Floor-to-Ceiling Curtains

Blinds are functional and modern, but nothing suggests luxury more than elegant billowing drapery. Turn the heritage sash windows into a focal feature of the room by investing in window treatments.

Toughened laminated glass is a great option for the window itself, then choose sophisticated fabrics for dressing the window. You can create the illusion of high ceilings and more space by hanging curtains just below the ceiling and ensuring that the curtains reach the ground.

Large-Scale Art

Another way to create a focal point and engineer a sense of worldliness is to invest in a large piece of art to hang on the wall. A large painting or photograph can become a conversation piece and looks more expensive than smaller generic prints, especially if it is framed well. It could be a decorative tapestry or even a section of living wall or a fish aquarium if you want to add sculptural elements (although this is more costly). It just needs to make a statement.  

Guest post by Gina Daniel, Interior Design Blogger