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5 Ways Hypnotherapy Could Improve Your Lifestyle

How Does Hypnotherapy Work?

To get inside someone’s deepest subconscious, hypnosis and hypnotherapy start by evoking a trance-like state. This means, once under, people are very suggestible, allowing hypnotherapists to create new thinking patterns. This essentially erases bad habits or unhealthy mindsets and replaces them with positive alternatives.  Research has shown that hypnotherapy can alter brain activity, which explains why so many people feel hypnotherapy gives results after just one session. 

So whether you want to quit smoking, sleep better or even be more confident with public speaking, there are many ways hypnotherapy could improve and change your life. Here’s just five to get you started.

Quit Smoking or Drinking 

Two of the most damaging lifestyle choices are smoking and drinking — we all know it’s true, but these addictive and socially accepted habits can start to take their toll. If you think your health would benefit from quitting smoking or drinking, specialised stop smoking or stop drinking hypnosis programmes can get straight into the heart of the addiction. After these programmes, you should make new associations with these unhealthy habits — instead of craving the feeling of dragging a cigarette or swigging a drink, the idea will repulse you. Hypnosis can, in a sense, replace your thoughts surrounding drinking or smoking, making it much easier to quit and live a much healthier life.

Get, Deeper, Better Sleep

The negative effects of not getting a good night’s sleep are innumerable — from heart disease and diabetes to memory issues and mood swings. If you feel sleeplessness is causing distress, lack of concentration, or perhaps triggering more serious health issues, hypnotherapy for better sleep could help. Hypnotherapists will use this type of therapy to re-regulate your sleep and help you fall into a deeper sleep quicker. 

Ease Stress and Anxiety

One of the top reasons people seek expert hypnosis to change their lives is stress, anxiety and depression. This is a great example of when hypnotherapy can explore the inner workings of your mind and ‘reset’ them. Working closely on a hypnosis anxiety programme, for example, would allow the hypnotherapist to delve into your mindset to pinpoint the crux of the problem. Once identified, hypnotherapy can change thought patterns and associations surrounding this, leading to an anxiety-free life! 

Boost Your Confidence

Closely linked to a life without anxiety is confidence. Whether that is confidence in yourself, or something as specific as help with public speaking, hypnotherapy could help improve these areas of your life. An expert hypnotherapist will replace the sense of panic surrounding public speaking with a sense of calm by eliminating restricting learnt behaviours. 

Assist Weight Loss

If you want to change your life in terms of your weight, hypnotherapy for weight loss is another key area within the field. Altering your relationship with food or giving you control over your cravings can be the outcome after just one session of hypnotherapy. Harnessing the power of hypnosis to explore your current mindset can reveal the core of your weight, craving or food issues. Once this has been explored and remedied, you can discover a new healthier lifestyle.