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5 Ways Quitting Drinking Can Change Your Life

Many people never take a moment to question their relationship with alcohol. Since alcohol is widely accepted in so many different situations, it’s easy to realize why so many people consume it regularly without a second thought.

However, what many people don’t realize is how much alcohol may be negatively affecting their daily lives. There are obviously extreme situations that cause people to stop drinking, maybe being caught driving under the influence of alcohol and having to search for a Springfield Illinois dui accidents attorney or a defense attorney in other locations. Many people drink because they’re so used to it, however, over time it can start to take its toll on your well-being.

If you’ve ever considered quitting drinking, but haven’t ever tried it, take a look at some of the things you can expect will change if you do.

Less Risk Of Putting Yourself In Danger

When you drink, your reaction time slows down considerably. Even a few drinks can result in risking falling, driving recklessly, or even suffering alcohol poisoning.

Every time that you drink, you’re making yourself vulnerable to injury. By eliminating alcohol from your life entirely and achieving long term sobriety, you’re decreasing your chances of your life being in danger.

Improved Relationships

If you drink regularly, chances are that you’ve naturally acquired friends who are also regular drinkers. Their habits with alcohol perpetuate your own drinking frequency, and yours does in turn to theirs as well.

As a result, you may find that you have frequent arguments, or your relationships are built around drinking. Rather than spending a nice evening in, talking about deep or meaningful subjects, you drink. When you stop drinking, you realize that your friendships start to run deeper, and you argue less with your peers.

Money Saved

Alcohol is considerably expensive, especially when you go out to a bar or restaurant. You’ll start to notice that your bill is as much as half or more in the absence of alcoholic beverages.

Instead of using all that money on alcohol or paying penalties for DUI (in case you end up getting in trouble), you can put it aside in savings for vacations, or a big purchase you’ve been wanting to make! Like the wise ones say, money saved is money earned!


Each unit of alcohol packs a serious punch. Even a light beer can start to add up when you consume several over the week.

When you enjoy cocktails like margaritas or daiquiris, a single drink can contain as many as 450 calories! If you’re drinking more than a few a night, it’s easy to consume thousands of extra calories a week from alcohol alone.

When you stop drinking, it’s not uncommon to notice your pants getting looser over time.

Increased Energy

Even a few drinks in one night can lead to feeling sluggish the next morning. Consuming more than a few can lead to a full-fledged hangover. One of the most common realizations that people make when they stop drinking is how much more energized they feel!