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5 Ways to Rejuvenate your Radiators

As the vast majority of the human race has been almost completely confined to barracks for more than a year, upcycling has become one of the fastest growing and largest trends that can be enjoyed entirely from the comfort of your own home.

Here are five fantastic ways to rejuvenate your old and tired radiator and afford it the new lease of life that you never before imagined it deserved.

Build a Moulded Cover

A custom-made and bespoke radiator cover will do absolute wonders for the aesthetic of the radiator and, subsequently, the aesthetic of the room in its entirety. Ensure you partake in thorough research and be sure to employ a professional and experienced joiner who can create a radiator mould and design a cover. Once the backbone has been created, you can decorate the cover in as quirky or as subtle colours and patterns as you desire. Alternatively, you could paint the cover in the same colour as the surrounding walls, allowing it to blend in seamlessly with the rest of the room and colour scheme.

Create a Window Seat

Most radiators in your home will be securely mounted directly below a window line, which is an ideal and practically perfectly placed position to build a seat across the radiator and create a window seat. Automatically, a window seat in either your bedroom or living areas instantly makes the entire room feel more welcoming, cosy and warm.

Upgrade your Radiator

Ensuring your home is warm and cosy is an essential part of creating a welcoming family home, and the time may well have arrived to update your radiator with a brand new, shiny, bespoke design unit from an experienced supplier such as Warm Rooms. Radiators are often a forgotten feature of a room, so why not buck the trend and make them a design feature.

Hide it Away!

There are a plethora of table designs available that have been specially made to disguise an unsightly radiator and encourage the unit to blend in or to be hidden almost entirely. Alternatively, an experienced joiner could design and create a desk system that seamlessly fits over the top of the radiator. The addition of two simple stools which slide neatly underneath the table when not in use could conceal the radiator entirely.

Celebrate the Quirky

Every so often, when visiting friends or on a day out to a country mansion perhaps, you may spot a unique, quirky and usually vintage radiator that no amount of paint, table coverings, or camouflaged fabrics can hide.

The best way to rejuvenate this style of radiator is to let it shine.

Such radiators provide a room with a real sense of glamour, power and style and may even encourage your home’s aesthetic to start to return to its roots in terms of style and elegance. If your vintage radiator is particularly scruffy, professional restoring companies offer effective radiator refurbishment and can turn your vintage piece into a real show stopper.