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5 Wedding Planning Tips for a Couple on a Budget

For couples that are of frugal minds, planning a wedding can be a real financial challenge. Even if you plan as frugally as possible, you can expect your wedding guest list to grow, your budget to become inflated and for services and products to be exponentially higher priced than you first thought they would be. The cost and stress of the wedding prompt many couples to elope  — and with good reason. 

However, if you just can’t bring yourself to give up that walk down the aisle to the man you love in front of all of your friends and family, here are a few basic wedding tips for couples on a budget. 

Have the Wedding Budget Talk Ahead of Time 

Everyone who will be contributing towards paying for the wedding, the bride, groom, and parents, need to sit down and have a discussion about the budget ahead of time. Think about it, this will be a great chance for you and your future spouse to practice budgeting as a team. 

While discussing the budget for the wedding may be no fun and a little uncomfortable for everyone involved, it’s better than to still be paying for your wedding day on your 5th anniversary or putting your parents in debt for years to come. 

Be sure to come prepared with a list of needs and wants for the big day and try to prioritize each item. Include everything, it’s easier to cut items out later than to add items in.

Provide Your Own Music

Rather than hiring a DJ or having a band perform at your reception, set up your own audio furniture at the venue and pick your own tunes. Put someone in charge of making sure the music doesn’t stop during the dancing This will allow you to have the music you want at your wedding and still save money. It is estimated that hiring a DJ will cost a couple at the least $1,500, that’s money that you can save for your honeymoon or put towards a downpayment on a new home for yourself and your new spouse. As an added bonus, if you buy special furniture or stereo equipment for the day, you’ll also have it for your new home to use for years to come.

Rent Your Wedding Dress

While it may be tempting to go wild and buy the most expensive wedding gown you can find, it’s cheaper to rent your gown instead. There are quite a few pros and cons to renting instead of buying, so the choice is really up to you. If you look forward to possibly handing the dress down to your own daughter on her wedding day in the future, then, by all means, the dress is well worth the money you’ll spend. However, if you’re not a traditionalist in that way, and can’t see spending that much money on a dress you’ll only wear once, then renting will save you money and time. 

Get Married in Your Own Backyard 

One of the biggest expenses of a wedding is paying for the ceremony and receptions venues. If you’re looking to cut corners where you can, and aren’t set on getting married in a church, then try having the wedding in your own backyard (or a friend’s or relative’s). Not only do you not have to pay to get married there, but some of your most gorgeous decorations will also be free and nature-oriented as well. After all, why would you want to pay for flowers when you have a whole yard full to choose from instead. 

Don’t Forget to Relax and have Fun 

It’s important with any wedding, but especially one that you’re planning on a budget to sit back, relax and remember this is your day. You need to have fun and remember why you’re doing this, which is to be with the man you love. 

These are just a few of the best tips out there for planning a wedding on a budget. Remember, this is a special, milestone day, make the best of it, but save some money for a rainy day as well.