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6 Essential Beauty & Fashion Trends for 2023

The New Year is here, and for many people, it’s a time to resolve to upgrade their lives in ways that will lead to personal improvement. One of the most important things you can do for your mental health and well-being is to take steps to look your best. Looking your best isn’t about weight; all bodies are beautiful, but feeling good in the “skin you’re in” is essential no matter who you are. If part of your looking and feeling your best involves using beauty products, keep reading to stay in the know on all the essential fashion and beauty products you should take advantage of in 2023. 

Upgraded Skincare Products 

You used to have to visit a dermatologist to have access to the types of products that would cure hyperpigmentation, give you age-less skin and deal with other targeted skin concerns. In 2023, we will have access, like never before, to upgraded skincare products and brands. Glycolic and Hyaluronic acid peels you can DIY at home, red light face masks, and at-home microdermabrasion are the tips of your fingers. Take advantage of these upgraded skincare products and devices if you want to glow up your complexion this year. 

Side parts 

Last year, you were called an old lady if you were still rocking a side part in your hairstyle, so many people opted instead for a middle part of a shag that required no “part” at all – even if the style made them uncomfortable. Well, rejoice, side part-lovers, because they’re back in vogue. Beauty trends change just as quickly as fashion trends, but the side part is back; this time, we don’t see it going anywhere. 

Fruity Perfumes 

While there is something to be said for finding your signature fragrance and wearing it often, fruity perfumes are in for 2023. Musky, earthy, and floral scents have their respective places during certain seasons or for specific events, but this is the year of fruity fragrances. Perfume options worth trying this year are Jean Paul Gaultier by Jean Paul Gaultier, Bon Bon by Viktor & Rolf, or Couture Couture by Juicy Couture (after all, Y2K is having a major moment). 

Preppy Chic 

Preppy is a trend that has seen its heyday during the fifties and again in the eighties, and it’s back in 2023, especially when it comes to how your accessories. This year, opt for preppy accessories like headbands, claw clips for your hair, and even hair bows for the young and the young at heart. Channel your inner Blaire Waldorf this year when you’re getting dressed, and you’ll be in style all year long. 

Goth Grunge Glam 

On the opposite end of the style spectrum, there is a huge resurgence regarding the grunge aesthetic. Wednesday may be a hit on Netflix, but this trend has been gaining momentum long before this fan favorite hit our screens. Heavy dark eye makeup, faux freckles, and dark lip colors are all worth trying, no matter what your sense of style. You don’t have to go full goth glam, but incorporate the aspects of the style you like to get the most out of this dark trend. 

Face Jewelry 

If you’re old enough to remember Gwen Stefani and her bindi were known for, this trend may be something you’re excited about or makes you cringe, but it’s a fun play on adding some bling to your aesthetic. Face and body jewelry is having a moment, from bedazzling your entire brow line to a small jewel placement like a freckle. This is a great look for parties where you want to stand out and is best pulled off with a more elevated look to keep your vibe from reading too whimsical. If you have great photos you may want to post or share, you should consider fashion editing, to make your post look top tier.

Other beauty trends include beauty tech, thick-angled eyeliner, and some style setters shaving their eyebrows off. The key to being a true sartorialist is keeping what’s trending in mind but finding ways to incorporate it into your existing signature style. Please don’t go for trends in beauty or fashion that push you outside your comfort zone because they’ll be short-lived. Instead, invest in products and pieces that work well with what you already own. Make 2023 the year you embrace new trends that suit you and make you look and feel your best!