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6 Essential Items to Have in your Sports Bag

Whether you love nothing better than a game of Aussie Rules or a few sets of tennis with your best friend, there are certain things you need to pack in your bag in the event of an injury. It is every athlete’s responsibility to look after their own health while playing, and with that in mind, here are a few must-have items in your sports bag whenever you play.

Good Quality Sports Bag

It is very important that your bag will stand the test of time and has ample pockets and storage space, with a choice of shoulder straps or carry handles, and there are online suppliers of professional sports apparel and bags, where you can get the very best. There are waterproof and slashproof bags with locking pockets, for added security – some even have a built-in GPS chip.

  1. Gauze & Bandages – A selection of widths and pad sizes, which would cover you in the event of an open wound, should always be in your holdall. You can buy special kits, where they are all packed away in their own little compartments.
  2. Basic First Aid Kit – This would cover you for most minor incidents, and who knows, you might need to attend to another athlete?
  3. Tapes – Thick and thin rolls of tape; to hold gauze or to keep a bandage secure, and about 3 different types would cover you, in case of strapping or protecting a joint from further injury with more play.
  4. Ice Packs – Check out the BodyICE packs for knee injuries from a leading online supplier, where you can buy all of your sports-care items, and at lower than retail prices too. These can also be used as hot pads, which are often required, and the online supplier has an amazing selection of hot and cold pads.
  5. Saline Solution – At least one medium bottle, which can be used to clean and sterilise open wounds, before applying gauze and bandage. We never know when we might experience a graze, which could be the result of coming off your mountain bike, or a sliding injury on a hard-court surface. You could be a couple of hours away from a doctor or hospital, and depending on the sport, you could be on your own, so it is vital that you have a few essential for hygiene and the prevention of infection.
  6. Water – Energy Bars – Water is a rather obvious necessity and rather than relying on others, always carry at least one litre of drinking water. Energy bars are great during intervals, when you need some quick power, so keep a few in your bag, just in case you begin to get weary and there’s still a long way to go.

Whatever sport you like to play, it is essential that you are prepared to treat minor issues, should they arise, and with all of the above in your kit-bag, you are ready for anything.