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6 Inexpensive Ways to Dress Up For Halloween

We are getting close to the last quarter of 2020, where we have the most expensive celebrations: Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and welcoming the New Year. However, Halloween will be the first one to come, you don’t want to pour all your budget on just the costume and trick or treating. You can buy decorations and wall signs for halloween. You still can enjoy Halloween with only a few dollars on your spending by coming up with non-expensive costumes. You can go all out and buy Halloween light-up toys, skulls, pumpkins, ghosts, and more if you want to make it a special occasion.

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For one, if you are planning to go for a horror character this Halloween, you can explore a few blogs to learn more about affordable merchandise. For instance, you could look into articles on hell horror to get suggestions about film-inspired gear and costumes that you may use for your Halloween get-up. Moreover, if you plan to try DIY costumes, here are 7 inexpensive ideas to dress up for Halloween:

Be a sexy Witch with your black tulle. It matches with any black top for your sexy witch outfit. Not only does it give you a very sexy look with its material, but the black tulle can also give your outfit the elegance that it needs to be a classy, sexy, naughty little witch. You can pair it with black high-heeled boots and a hat. Wear smokey eye makeup and lipstick. This can be ideal when the theme of your Halloween party (look for more Halloween Party themes for adults if interested) revolves around dark colors. Don’t go with the generic black, use any dark tone like coffee, wine, or green.

Merlina Addams. You only need a black dress with white-collar, high heels, and black stockings and you’re good to go as Merlina. For the hair, part it in the middle and braid each side. You can use smokey eye makeup and a little bit of white on your face to make it look paler  

Scooby-Doo’s Vilma. You need everything in orange – your sweater, skirt, long socks, and shoes. Her trademark thick eyeglasses and a magnifying glass should complete it. This is better worn with your hair length just reaching your jaw, and sport bangs to reveal more of your face.

Mime. This can be very generic but cool nonetheless. You just need a black and white striped blouse for that classic mime attire. Match it with black pants, not a skirt, so your body movements would still show in case they request you to enact it. Wear white gloves and a red scarf on your neck, and pair it with red shoes. Practice some mime movements while you’re at it, you don’t know when it will be your time to shine!

Lady in Polka dots or Sailor dress. You want to be Marilyn Monroe-esque with this attire. The highlighted parts are your scarf and your hairstyle for that classic Pin-up girl look. You can either wear a pair of sneakers or high heels. Wear a bracelet and a deep red lipstick and finally paint a mole near your lips. 

Betty or Veronica from Archie Comics/Riverdale Series. Betty or Veronica from Archie Comics/Riverdale Series. It depends if you want to be a blonde or a brunette – but make sure you look sexy on either outfit! 

Veronica, on the other hand, requires a little more sassiness in you. Wear a tight pair of black jeans, or a short skirt paired with long socks to highlight your long legs. You can use a combination of black and red top to bring out that sophisticated Veronica Lodge in you.  

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